Jessica Nail Cure Liquid Strength Review

Jessica Nail Cure – Liquid Strength

Hello Ladies,

Looks like I am a bit high on nail care regimes and products that would help you in these regimes. The product I shall be reviewing for you is another one by my dear old favourite Jessica. So read on to find out more about the product.

Product Description:

A highly concentrated nail fortifier to harden and strengthen nails for maximum growth in just weeks. The unique formula includes hydrolysed protein, multivitamins, silk amino acids and calcium to thicken your nail plate and correct nail weakness.
Jessica Nail Cure Liquid Strength

Product Price:


My Experience with Jessica Nail Cure Liquid Strength:

The packaging is pretty standard, it is the same as any Jessica Nail varnish. It comes in a glass bottle with a black brush applicator. The glass is slightly frosted and is not transparent, so you can partially see the product within the bottle. The brush applicator too is similar to the nail varnishes, it is not flat like Sally Hansen. However I find it extremely efficient to make use of.

The product is completely transparent once applied on the nails as well as in the bottle. The consistency of this product is pretty easy to use, it simply glides on to the nails without much effort. Moreover it has a long shelf life, so you do not need to purchase it again after a few months if the product is old and you have not made much use of it. It does not become thick or gooey even after long periods of time, therefore it is very cost efficient as well. The drying time of this product is fantastic as well, you don’t have to really wait around for it to dry and can apply a nail varnish within a few minutes. As for the smell, this too has a very strong chemical smell- only if you go really close to the bottle and take a sniff. I know of some people who enjoy such smells, I for one am not one of those, hence if you are like me, please do not take a whiff. The product definitely does not have a smell to it from far, so I was completely unaffected by it.

The great thing about this product and its formula is, that it can be used as a base coat. The fact that it does not leave a white cast on your nails upon application is absolutely fantastic and relays its quality to you. As for the effect of this product, it is great as a base coat and definitely great as a maintenance product to keep your nails strong and strengthened. It is actually pretty similar to the OPI nail strengthener in terms of it correcting nail weakness. Post application of this product along with Jessica Reward Base coat, in intervals, the condition of my nails is better. However, these products are great for maintaining your nails strength and restoring a few absent requirements. But I would not rely on such products solely for nail growth, you need oral intake of correct diet and vitamins to improve your hair and nail growth. Topical methods are only good till a limit, I know I have mentioned diet very often in my posts, but I cannot stress to you enough the importance of a good diet for healthy looking nails, skin and hair. A good diet will promote nail and hair growth as well, something which such products cannot guarantee.


Pros of Jessica Nail Cure Liquid Strength:

  •  A very easy to use nail strengthening product.
  • Glides extremely well on the nails.
  •  Has a good shelf life- cost efficient.
  •  Fast drying time.
  • Does not leave a white cast.
  • Can be used as a top coat.
  • A great nail maintenance product.


Cons of Jessica Nail Cure Liquid Strength:

  • Cannot rely completely for nail growth.
  • Availability in India.


Will I repurchase Jessica Nail Cure Liquid Strength?

I am actually happy with the Jessica Reward Base coat, however, I might just repurchase this again to analyse if my nails do get any better with this.

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