Jessica Reward Base Coat Review

Jessica Reward Base Coat

Hello Ladies,

Today I shall be reviewing for you a base coat from Jessica, it is featured in my previous post – How to have a Lasting Manicure. Personally, I am an ardent fan of this base coat and it has helped me create a better and a longer-lasting manicure.

Product Description:

A revolutionary Vitamin Therapy Treatment, rich with natural botanicals and antioxidants. Vitamins A, C, D, E maintain health, strength and flexibility, while calcium and aloe supply maximum protection against future nail breakage.


Product Price:

£ 10.15

My Experience with Jessica Reward Base Coat:

If you know me or have read my posts, you must be knowing that I usually don’t like applying a base coat. Mostly due to my impatience. However, whenever I yearn for a good home-manicure, this is the base coat that I have used every time.

The packaging of this base coat, is no different from the usual packaging of nail colours by Jessica. It is the same classic glass bottle with the black brush applicator; however with this product, the glass is slightly frosted.

The colour of the liquid in the bottle has slight golden yellow tones to it, but on application, the colour is completely transparent with a nice healthy sheen. The consistency of this reward base coat is actually amazing , it is neither thick nor gooey. It glides very efficiently on to the nails, and without much effort and does not involve constant dipping of the brush into the product.

The product is infused with several essential vitamins that also help strengthen your nails in the process along with making it more healthy. Again with this, such products are great for maintenance but I personally would not rely completely and solely on such products for healthier nails, your diet is the core of everything from your nails to your hair and skin. Having said that as a maintenance base coat, it is great and keeps my nails in a healthy condition. It also helps me protect my nails from any yellow stains I could potentially endure.
Also the drying time of this nail base coat is absolutely great! I never have to wait for long periods of time before I can apply my nail colour. So it is definitely brilliant in terms of that. Overall I am pretty happy with this base coat by Jessica, easy to use and fast drying time along with a great mix of vitamins infused in the formula is highly advantageous.


Pros of Jessica Reward Base Coat:

  • A great base coat with important vitamins within the formula – absolutely advantageous for the nails.
  • Nice consistency.
  • Has a really fast drying time.

Cons of Jessica Reward Base Coat:

Cannot think of any to be honest, except for the availability issues in India.

Will I repurchase Jessica Reward Base Coat?

Yes. definitely.

IMBB rating:


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