JINsoon Power Coat Review

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How are you doing today? I am yet to plan a surprise for my hubby’s upcoming birthday.This year end seems a roller coaster ride to me with all adventures, surprises, shocks coming one after another. Hope New Year comes with smooth rides ahead! Anyways today I am also here to talk about another nail product from “JINsoon” brand. We had always talked about wearing base coat to increase longevity of nail lacquers, strengthening etc but I really never paid attention to such things in person. Though soon I realized need of using one as my nails started cracking and peeling like dry layers, while my finest of fine nail paints peeled off within a day or two. I am glad that I have started with this JINsoon as I see incredible decrease in breakage of my nails; it does help in increasing wear time of any normal-high end nail lacquer as well. Let’s read more about JINsoon Power Coat today!

JINsoon Power Coat

Price: $18 for 0.33 Oz, excludes shipping and taxes

What it is:
A base coat for nail lacquer that strengthens nails.

What it does:
JINsoon Power Coat strengthens nails with biotin, diamond particles, methiopeptide (an amino acid derived from keratin), and phycocoral to help extend the life of your polish.


My Experience with JINsoon Power Coat:

The base coat comes in translucent bottle packaging with brush applicator and extended cap for additional safety and suitability for travel purpose. It does have mild fragrance which is not really concerning. I like its broad slender brush applicator which is perfect for picking up ample amount at once to coat our nails.


When I started searching for base coat I was so turned off to see colorful brown/beige/pink base coats as I often wondered if I had to stock different base coat for different color family 😛 Thankfully this translucent off-white power coat solved my mystery. It does not give any color pay off to my nails other than a shiny pale off-white hue which looks good on bare nails and more than that it is easily workable with any type of light/dark/pastel nail lacquer. I see that it forms a clear layer on my nails drying onto buildable shield for my nails as they survive every household work with no peeling or breaking often unlike earlier days. Oh yes now I see no more breaking or peeling of the tip of my nails which used to look so ugly and was so painful to remove later. Even my nails seem growing big with no fear of further breakage from middle.


I have been using it since 2 months and my nails seem in good health with lesser frequency of breakage and peeling unless I forget applying it again. Oh man, it really pains me to see that whenever I use lacquer remover to remove my nail lacquer, even this base coat comes off forming an uneven patch on my nails which need proper scrubbing first followed by re-application. Pardon me if I sound naïve talking about functionality of these base coats as I am first time user but I do see that after using a nail lacquer remover the base coat seems coming off in patches which becomes tricky for manicure or even it clings to my new nail lacquer. But it is still manageable as we can remove it off with lacquer remover.


But whenever I wear base coat on bare nails I see my nails pick up even smaller stain while working in kitchen with turmeric/henna especially. This was not the case earlier as I have been working with henna or turmeric before, but my nails never turned orange or yellow unlike how they pick up the color now a days! I don’t know why it is so but I simply stopped wearing base coat on my right hand on regular basis for same reasons and that’s how I noticed the difference between two conditions.

While I wear base coat with every nail lacquer as it helps giving me even coverage with longer wear time as well as strengthening my nails. Over all leaving aside the concern I feel this base coat is perfect for every beauty because it never interferes with our nail lacquer finish secondly it helps in preventing premature breakage and peeling off our nails as well as nail paint. I might get it again though I am also keen to try other brands base coats.
Let’s sum pros and cons


Pros of JINsoon Power Coat:

• A pale translucent base coat meant to be used under any dark/lighter nail lacquer.
• It dries pretty fast forming a shielding layer on my otherwise weak nails.
• It can be used alone on bare nails to make them strong, hard and presentable at the same time.
• It does not interfere with my actual nail lacquer as it simply gives even coating finish with longer wear time.
• I see lesser breakage, peeling off across tips of my nails ever since I switched to this power coat.
• It definitely shields our nails against pre-mature breakage and other damage.
• I see healthier nail texture and growth after 2 months of regular usage.
• It does not cause any irritation to my skin or nail cuticles so far.
• It is kind of power food for our nails apart from a power base for our nail products.

Cons of JINsoon Power Coat:

• My nails tend to look stained even while working in kitchen for short time span.
• It might come off in uneven patches after few days or post using a lacquer remover which might be taken care of.
• Price.

IMBB Rating – 4.6/5

Well other than the staining part I don’t think I hold any major concerns for this product not even the price as it will last for couple of months but then my sole concern was to strengthen my nails and not just increasing wear time of my nail products hence it seems tricky. I would still like to get it again as it contain biotin keratin which helps in healthy nail growth. I would definitely recommend this product to every nail product junkie.

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    1. yes rene I feel that as long as I wear this base coat my nails feel less chipping peeling but once you stop using it you will find them in orginal situation unless we use keratin treatment or use other permanent measures to solve this issue. I think it happens when our nails chip or peel due to nutrition deficiency and not thru environmental factors.

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