Johnson’s Baby Cream Review

Johnson’s Baby Cream Review

The basic gift pack from Johnson’s has the following
Johnson’s Baby Soap
Johnson’s Baby Lotion
• Johnson’s Baby Powder
• Johnson’s Baby Cream
• Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

I have already reviewed the first three and today I am reviewing the Johnson’s Baby Cream for all you girls here . 🙂

johnson's baby cream

Obviously, I got this cream as a gift for Neya when she was born. Her skin turned little dry as she grew and since I have dry skin and I know all the cons of dry skin I didn’t want my kid to suffer, so I take extra care of her skin. I used to apply Johnson’s Baby Lotion and this cream to help avoid dryness.

Johnson’s Baby Cream is a thick cream and has that sweet baby smell that is so mesmerizing. I just take a big amount of the cream and apply it on Neya’s legs, hands, back and front of her body. It needs a little massage for the skin to absorb the cream completely. Her skin feels soft and supple for the entire day. The results are long lasting when compared to the Baby Lotion and I am super glad that it helps.


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The Johnson’s Baby Cream comes in a simple white colored tube. This is more convenient to use than the bottle or a tub. Sometimes even I take a little amount of the cream for my skin as well 😛
It really helps my dry skin. I was happy as it works well both for Neya and me ☺ I don’t use it regularly but whenever I use it the smell makes me feel like a baby. It is so ‘mmmmmmmmmmm’ and I just love the smell on me. I think everyone would. So just try it.

The 30g tube costs Rs.38.

Pros of Johnson’s Baby Cream

• The cream is very creamy and I like it.
• I just love the baby smell.
• Easily available in all stores including medical shops, grocery stores and baby shops.
• Available in gift kits and just as single tubes as well.
• The cream works both for babies and elders as well.
• Moisturizes the skin well. I am glad that it works well for dry skin.
• The effect lasts long. I apply it twice a day for my skin and just once for my princess.

Cons of Johnson’s Baby Cream

• It is a bit expensive.
• The cream is very thick and hence takes a while to get absorbed by the skin.

My Rating – 4/5

Will I repurchase?
I need not as I have heaps of this cream stocked up already. I don’t use it on me regularly so it is just for my kid and thus I think it will last until the time when I feel like trying new creams on Neya. I really want to try Lush products on Neya but not until she is 1 Year Old. Inspiration – Jomol 😀 Any other baby products recommendations for Neya? I would love to know. Thanks 🙂

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  1. I love this cream, specially fragrance is mesmerising, its very moisturising but ,it makes my skin darker after 2 hours or so, that is the thing I dont like !

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