Johnson’s Baby Soap Review

Johnson’s Baby Soap Review

Though I don’t like using soaps much when I think about soaps only 2 of them come to my immediately. One is Dove and the other one is J’s Baby Soap. Predominantly I used either Dove or the baby soap so far. So today I am reviewing the Johnson Baby’s soap. Who said it is only for the infants even we can consider ourselves as tender as a baby and pamper us with this mild soap. There might be many brands for the kids now but still Johnson’s has not lost its place.

johnsons baby soap

From Day 1 I use this soap to make Neya take bath and it leaves her skin baby soft. Ok now let me review it based on my experience with this soap. My skin gets super dry in winter and I always hate my skin when it is in that dry form. This is before I tried Dove, I thought I will try some mild soap for my skin as most other soaps like Hamam and Pears made my skin dry. That is when mom suggested me the baby soap.

The soap claims to have vitamin E and enriched with 1/4th baby lotion. It also has the label “clinically mildness proven”.100 gms of this soap costs Rs.35.

johnsons baby soap

From the outer cover of this soap “Johnson’s Baby Soap enriched with 1/4th baby lotion, helps moisturise your baby’s delicate skin by reducing moisture loss while cleansing it ever so gently. Gentle care your baby’s delicate skin needs in the growing years.”

Let me directly list the pros and cons

Pros of Johnson’s Baby Soap

• One bar of this soap lasts really really long [this is a con according to me- I don’t like it]. One soap lasts me for approximately 3 months.
• Easily available in all stores including medical and baby shops.
• It is mild as it claims.
• Smells really good, whenever I use it I feel that I smell like a baby.
• I think the cost is ok and thus the soap is quiet affordable.
• The soap is milk white in colour and there is a inner transparent packaging as well, that makes me like the packaging.

johnsons baby soap

Cons of Johnson’s Baby Soap

• It dries my skin like the other soaps!!!! I was quite shocked but it did make my skin dry and this 1/4th baby lotion was of no help to my skin. 🙁  I tried using it in summers as well but the effect was almost the same. So I had to discontinue using this.

My Rating – :-* :-* :-* :-*  [Might be 5/5 for many including Neya]

Will I Repurchase – Yes but rarely whenever I feel like smelling like a baby 😉

Have you used Johnson’s Baby Soap? Please rate in the box below

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57 thoughts on “Johnson’s Baby Soap Review

      1. just for body 😀 in summers , i wanted a mild and chemical free soap and i was like HEY they cant put chemicals in baby soaps 😛 people will kill them 😛 , i also use the moisturizer and oil 😀 me dont use anything packed on myself except johnsons because of the above mentioned reasons 😛 and sunscreen 😛 and lip balm and kajal 😛 ?:) ?:) hmmmm bacha kya ? :p lol i dont use the soap on face face key liye toh royal treatment 😛

  1. aarthiiii…u wrote a review for j’baby soap…cute. :heart: ..when u tld me the otherday abt this…
    i thought of askin u to write a review …u did it :bravo: :bravo:

  2. hi aarthi good that u post this review.
    But I know many mothers complaining that J soap doesnt suit their babies.
    Yes I also belong to this group. this soap doesnt suit my baby. though it does nt irritate his skin. but it not moisturizing for my baby.our pediatrician says its too harsh on baby’s skin and have recommended moistruizing soap for my baby.
    U know my son got piles and piles of jhonson soap as gifts .
    me and hubby ended up using all those soaps.
    still we have so much of it left in the shelf.
    but somehow I dont want to gift the same to any other parents.
    because there are other soaps gentle than J .

    Ya U r true the soap lasts long

      1. yes u r true the stock last till my son start school. lols :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
        but the expiry date of the soap does nt last long
        so Me and hubby have been using jhonson soap now. but easily get bored of it.
        still lying in my shelf.
        so i plan to donate it to some charity institutions . I hope It could be of some help to many.
        by the way dr suggested “Oilatum soap bar for kids” for my son. very moisturizing it is .

  3. hi neya, how are you? my mom uses both this soap and the johnsons head to toe wash for me. i hate it when the soap gets into my eye. I scream my lungs out… but otherwise i like my bath… and more than that, i enjoy the pre bath massage….! it is so much fun, i cud keep having that the whole day! do you enjoy yours?

    how is ur mom? has she started working yet? mine has… 🙁 arre, she is coming, she shud not see me playing with her computer… says its not good for my eyes 😀


    1. Hey Kuhu.. Im doing good. How are you?

      Mom has been using this soap only and I am already bored. I enjoy my bath and oil massage equally but mum expects me to stay at one place after the massage. But I don’t and I roll over and spread the oil/malai/turmeric all over and she gets frustated with me 🙁

      Mum quit her job coz I wanted to spend more time with her. She said she’ll join work might be in a year 🙂 Ya mum complains if I sit and type in her laptop 🙁 So me too rolling back and I’ll play with my toys now. Stay in touch Kuhu 🙂 Muaaahhhhhhh :-*

      1. 🙂 he aarthi… its a big decision to quit ur job, one that requires a lot of courage…. but i am sure Neya makes it all worthwhile 🙂

  4. hey nice review ! my bhabhi have tons of jhonson baby soap but it doesnt suits my niece it even is worthless for me and my bhabhi ! we previously used jhonson baby shower gel………..but now we have switched to khadi and baba ramdev patanjali soap ……… they are pure herbal and moisturize the skin well ……….i generally prefer patanjali soap over khadi as its cheap and easily available………

      1. try it aarthi ! patanjali soaps are fabulous ! i have tried their ojas aquafresh , ojas mint tulsi , ojas mogra cleanser and multani mitti …… i m really satisfied with thier products ! the price is also reasonable its rs 23 /- for 75 gms and multani mitti costs rs 33 for 75 gms ……….. i like their rose water tpo….. its pure herbal rosewater without added preservatives and cost around 25 for 120 ml…….

  5. hi aarthi…johnson baby soap ‘s ph is just the same or maybe a little lesser than them…thats why it will always dry your skin…dove is marginallybetter…but the best is Tedibar…a syndet soap..which has a neutral ph….super soft for babies…
    Also they have one for women,the name of which escapes meat the moment..will lwt you know if you want…

    1. also highly recommended for babies..we recommend it all the time.esp to babies with sensitive skins..(i use it in the winters have combi/oily skin

  6. Hey Aarthi….I don’t use Johnson products for my son coz he is allergic to the oil and soap…….but you know we had stocked up these johnson baby goodies and when aarohan couldn’t use it, I had to use the baby soap and oil and lotion…..he he …..yeah I agree with you…..its very mild on the skin…… O:) O:) O:)

    1. hehe.. usually ppl gift only Johnson’s products.. these days even Himalaya has gift sets for babies.. I always wanted to try tht 🙂 Btw u didn’t send me the saree pic Jomol..

      1. I will send you Aarthi…….it was lying somewhere, and now I can’t find that magazine…..I will find and scan the pic and send it to you :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  7. Shivani…….even I use TEdibar for my son and now I have started using lush for him…..just from this month I started :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  8. Johnson soap suits my daughter well & it also suited my son..thge only gripe is that it takes months to finish. I have so many of them as gifts. Perhaps I should start using them for myself.

  9. he he aarthi.. i cud xpect a review on this now frm mums like u :toothygrin: :toothygrin: .. I too can give a review on all the baby care products now.. i think the best u can use frm the baby care range is the Johnson’s baby cream.. its really good for dry skin :yes: :yes: .. i had borrowed sum of it frm my son twice.. :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  10. aww shoo cuute baby soap review!!!
    i also u se baby range mein se something! 😉
    i use johnsons baby lotion one.. its one of the best i have used.. my skin isnt that dry … and this isnt too chipchipa for me.. clean and fresh i love it…
    now im soo tempted to use a baby soap too :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  11. hi aarthi…ur review is nice… i have oily face…i dono which soap wil suits for me…pls give some suggestion for me..which soap wil be best aarthi?

  12. This soap not only dries me out but dries out my son’s skin as well. Hated it. I prefer top to toe or the Johnson body washes for him! 🙂

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