Johnson’s 24 Hour Moisture Soft Cream Review

Johnson’s 24 Hour Moisture Soft Cream Review

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I hope all of you are doing good.  With December already here, I’m feeling so “Christmasy” and happy 😀  Anyway, jumping to the review, I’d be reviewing “Johnson’s 24 Hour moisture soft cream enriched with shea butter.”  Whenever I read shea butter as an ingredient in any of the products, I am completely SOLD!!!  Here in this product, the name itself had shea butter!!! Without any doubt in my mind, I immediately picked it up.

Johnson's 24 Hour Moisture Soft Cream Review


I had picked this from Saudi, so don’t remember the exact price, but it was within the range of (400-500) INR for a quantity of 300 ml.

Product Description:

Johnson 24 hour Moisture Soft Cream with Shea butter, gently delivers 24 hour hydration to help stop the 3 signs of dryness to:

1. Reduce skin tightness.
2. Reduce skin flakiness.
3. Refresh dull looking skin.

Soft Cream



My Experience with Johnson’s 24 Hour Moisture Soft Cream:

Okay!! I wanted to act all coy and not reveal it at the start itself about whether I love it or hate it, but I can’t contain my excitement, so here it is: I LOVE IT!!!!! 😛  The packaging itself is very cute, baby pink lid, soft pink body and a nice matte finish on the lid. It smells heavenly!! Not like the typical baby products, but it has something extra. So, its like baby smell plus something special, I am not able to detect what it is, but whatever it is, it’s so heavenly!!!!! The fragrance is not over powering, but very feel-good type.

Soft Cream 1

This cream has a screw lid type of packaging and the product was covered by a foil and when I tore the foil, I almost died!! The cream looked so luxurious!!!!I didn’t even want to touch it, because it looked so pretty in the jar!!! Finally I scooped out some cream and used it.

Soft Cream 2

This is one of the best creams I have ever used. Period. The cream just melts into your skin and your skin immediately drinks up all the moisture without leaving behind any greasy layer. So your skin is well moisturized without your skin feeling greasy. I think it’s a water based cream as it feels extremely light when you scoop it out but once it blends in the skin, your skin doesn’t feel dry at all, maybe because it has shea butter in it.

Within 2 minutes after getting absorbed, your skin feels velvety smooth!!! You know the first time when I was applying it, I had just finished applying on one hand and I got a phone call and once I finished talking and touched my hand it was silky smooth, really it was unbelievably soft. I could clearly make out the difference on the hand where I had applied this and the hand where I hadn’t. It is that good!!!  Plus it works on reducing dryness too. Generally, I have oily skin, but in winters, the area around my mouth was getting dry. I used this cream and within 1 day all my dryness was completely gone. My skin looked so healthy.

Soft Cream 3

But the claims about 24h moisture aren’t true, as it doesn’t stay put for that long. It moisturizes for about 6-8 hours after which you may have to re apply. But I don’t mind it at all, as it makes my skin baby soft!!

Pros of Johnson’s 24 Hour Moisture Soft Cream:

  • Smells heavenly.
  • No greasy feeling.
  • Affordable.
  • Makes skin baby soft.
  • Makes your skin velvet smooth.
  • Helps in reducing dryness.
  • Absorbs quickly.

Cons of Johnson’s 24 Hour Moisture Soft Cream:

  • False claims about 24h moisture (lasts for 6-8 hours).
  • Limited availability.
  • Tub packaging might be unhygienic for some.

IMBB Rating:

10/5(Yes, it is that good)

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Johnson’s 24 Hour Moisture Soft Cream?

This is my HG product!!  It does so much for the skin at a reasonable cost. Would absolutely recommend all of you’ll to get it. It is simply amazing!!!  Mine is getting over so fast-fast, that’s why I’m just using it on my face. I’m definitely getting 5 more of these from Saudi whenever I can.

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  1. I recently got this from Doha Duty free ( as my skin is dry and I liked what was written on the Jar).I loved the very first time I used it and I googled about how it was reviewed by bloggers.i couldnot agree more with you 🙂

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