Johnson’s Unscented Jelly Review

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By Neha Saxena

Hey lovelies!

Today, I am reviewing a petroleum jelly from the brand Johnson’s. I think petroleum jelly is used by each one of us and that too throughout the year. I am very fond of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and for a change, thought to give this one a shot. Let’s find out more about it.

Johnson's Unscented Jelly Review

Product Description
Johnson’s unscented jelly gives nourishing 24hour moisture protection. Fragrance free, suitable for sensitive skin.
Use after every bath to moisturize dry skin.

QAR 9 for 100 ml

Shelf Life:
36 Months

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Johnson's Unscented Jelly Review2

My Experience with Johnson’s Unscented Jelly:

It has a white tub which contains the product with sky blue colored cap over it. It has screw mechanism to lock the cap over the tub. All the details are printed around the tub in blue color. It has regular petroleum jelly type smell and also, it is colorless (which it supposed to be). But, the consistency of this one is quite thick.

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I am not addicted to petroleum jellies, but yes have to use it on daily basis to beat the dry patches on my skin and to heal my cracked feet. I must say this one works quite nice for me as it is quite thicker in consistency as compared to Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and it has cured my cracked heels to a good extent as well. I started using it at night time before going to bed and it showed optimum results just after 4 days of usage. I also use it on my face after cleansing my face with a face wash mostly at night time and it has cured the dry patches on my face well too. Overall, I find it more effective than any other petroleum jelly that I have used.

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Pros of Johnson’s Unscented Jelly:

• As claimed by the brand, it hydrates thoroughly
• Leaves skin soft and glossy
• Does not have any scent
• Very thick, gel type consistency which does not slip on skin
• A multi purpose product that can be used on cracked heels, for moisturization, for soothing the skin, and also as a lip balm

Cons of Johnson’s Unscented Jelly:

• Availability in India

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Johnson’s Unscented Jelly?
Yes, I find it really effective for my dry skin.

Would I Recommend Johnson’s Unscented Jelly?
Definitely, it can be helpful in one way or other.

My Verdict:
The product with multiple uses, like this one, are always worth buying!

Stay beautiful!! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Johnson’s Unscented Jelly Review

  1. I need to have Vaseline petroleum jelly by my side throughout winter, but I am so bored of it. The other amazing stuff for dry skin is Boroline but I hate its smell. Why do we not have most of the good products here. 🙁

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