Johnson’s Vita-Rich Replenishing Body Wash

Johnson’s Vita-Rich Replenishing Body Wash

Hi gorgeous ladies,

Today I am here to review a body wash from Johnson’s. I thought to take a small break from my usual Dove routine and purchased this one. I have tried their face washes and scrubs earlier, but this is the first time I am trying their body product. So lets get to know more about the product.


Johnson’s Vita-Rich Replenishing Body Wash

AED 11 for 250 ml

Product description:
Johnson's Vita-Rich Replenishing Body Wash

My experience with the Johnson’s Vita-Rich Replenishing Body Wash

The body wash is filled inside a white oval- shaped opaque bottle with a baby pink flip open cap, which is not very strong and prone to leakage, hence not at all travel friendly. The back of the bottle has the description and other necessary details regarding the product. The body wash is a mild gel-cream liquid, lilac in shade and has a runny nature. It has the sweet rich aroma of berries especially raspberry and blackcurrants and is really intoxicating, if you love fruity fragrances then this will be a real treat. It is a welcome change from vanillas, strawberries and other citrus flavours. My bathroom is filled with the scent after a bath and lingers for a while.
The body wash forms a nice lather and gives a clean refreshing feel. I have always been comfortable with Dove products and was hesitant to try out other brands but I really liked the performance of this one. I felt clean and moisturized at the same after a bath, it never made me feel greasy or leave my skin dry. Even when I skip my moisturizer it does not give a stretchy feeling. I have a sensitive dry skin and this has never caused me any irritation whatsoever. I am also in love with the scent and my body smells of delicious blackcurrants for a considerable amount of time. Thank God, it does not vanish after I towel dry.
Even my daughter is using this body wash and I can smell her at a distance after her bath, its quite refreshing. In the description ,it is said to be for dry skin but I feel this one suits all skin types. Overall its a decent product for the price and I really enjoy my showers nowadays.

Pros of Johnson’s Vita-Rich Replenishing Body Wash

The gel-cream texture of the body wash is runny in nature and hence easy to spread.
It lathers quite well especially with a loofah and gives a clean and moisturized feel.
It has a rich scent of wild berries especially raspberry and blackcurrants, which is quite intoxicating.
The smell lingers on our body for a long time after the wash which is heavenly.
It does not cause any irritation, so sensitive skin can easily use this
It does not dry out the skin in any way rather it gives a moisturized feel without making skin greasy.
The product is worth the price we pay.

Cons of Johnson’s Vita-Rich Replenishing Body Wash

The flip open cap is not very strong and hence prone to leakage, so its not at all travel friendly
The scent can be a little overwhelming for sensitive noses.
The runny nature also causes a lot of spilling around the sides of the cap especially after a use.
The opacity of the bottle does not allow you to see how much product is left.

IMBB rating:
4.5/5. I would recommend this body wash to all skin types, especially dry skinned beauties who love fruity flavours.

Would I repurchase Johnson’s Vita-Rich Replenishing Body Wash?

Defenitely, I love this one for its scent and moisturizing properties and will also try out their variants.


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    I have combination skin and my skin turns dark and very dull easily when i step out… i have medium complexion. please suggest me a good skin care routine and products for summers….

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