Jolen Skin Satin Papaya Scrub Review

Jolen Skin Satin Papaya Scrub

Hey everyone,
Along with the Jolen Facial Wash Gel, I had picked the Jolen Skin Satin Papaya Scrub only because it read “papaya”. I love using papaya on my face and thought this scrub would come handy on busy days. This brand is fairly new to me so I had minimal expectations. Read on to know whether it was worth trying.


What the product claims:

Jolen Papaya Scrub is an effective deep cleansing formulation that gently exfoliates. Papaya is enriched with massaging and cleansing properties. Scrub gently removes all dead skin cells and opens blocked skin pores. Instantly skin becomes glowing, smooth and silky with new life. It can be used as a body scrub.

Price of the product: INR 130 for 200g

Shelf Life: 3 years

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My experience with Jolen Skin Satin Papaya Scrub:

This monsoon my skin is behaving in some weird manner and my relatively dry skin instead of being on the normal zone is now on the combination zone. Although this scrub is not specifically for combination skin, but the claims of containing Papaya extract, Olive Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera extract got me hooked to this one. All these ingredients are known to be beneficial for our skin and hence I had no reason to remove this from my shopping cart.

The scrub comes in a huge tube which is sturdy. The flip cap shuts tight and hence the scrub won’t spill out. The consistency of the scrub is very light and creamy. It has these minute scrub particles which I am guessing are the walnut shells as mentioned in the ingredients list. It is true to its claim of being a gentle exfoliating cleanser. Coming to the smell, it smells like some chemical and is awful.


This scrub did not irritate my skin and gently scrubbed off the dead cells without ripping off the moisture content. I did not notice any glow or brightening effect but my skin was visibly cleaner. My face felt a little soft and smooth to touch. I have not noticed any visible reduction in tanning and I am hoping that may be with regular use it will show some effect. The only issue is that this scrub did not help to get rid of the stubborn blackheads. If you like granular and harsh scrubs, then this is definitely not meant for you. I find it extremely mild and at times I have even used this in place of my face wash. I have not used this as a body scrub because I like slightly granular scrub on my body.

Pros of Jolen Skin Satin Papaya Scrub:

• True to its claim of being a gentle exfoliating cleanser
• Does not dry out the skin
• Skin felt soft and smooth after using this
• Did not break me out
• Inexpensive
• Hygienic packaging
• Easily available



Cons of Jolen Skin Satin Papaya Scrub:

• Does not help in removing the blackheads
• No glow or brightening effect
• Smell is awful
• Might not suit extremely oily skinned beauties
• Contains Parabens

Final Verdict: I think this will work well with beauties with sensitive and dry skin because it is very mild and won’t rip off the moisture content. Do smell this before purchasing because we all like our beauty products to smell good. Those who like granular and harsh scrubs, stay away from this one because it won’t be to your liking.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. Looks like a pretty decent scrub *hifive* but i like the harsh ones *hifive* and bad smell yaa *headbang* *headbang*

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