Jolen Vitamins Face Moisturizer Review

Jolen Vitamins Face Moisturizer Review

Hey everyone,

Some time back, I purchased quite a few Jolen products online just out of curiosity. This moisturizer is one of them and I started using this only recently. Read on to know whether this product is a hit or a miss.


Product Description:

Jolen Face Vitamin Moisturizer is enriched with essential vitamins, skin repairing and nourishing ingredients. It rejuvenates damaged, dry skin and makes it smooth, full of glow and youthful. It absorbs in skin with little time due to vitamins. Best suited for extra dry skin.


INR 125 for 250 ml.

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Shelf Life:

3 years


Jolen Vitamins Face Moisturizer 2

My Experience with Jolen Vitamins Face Moisturizer:

This moisturizer comes in a big white bottle and is definitely not travel friendly and I won’t even prefer travelling with it as it is pathetic! It is a creamy white moisturizer that has a typical chemical smell that I can’t stand. The smell sort of lingers on the skin for some time post application and is a little disturbing for me. As far as the claim of containing vitamins go, it is all fancy and appealing, but the truth is this does not provide any nourishment to the skin.

Jolen Vitamins Face Moisturizer 3

The skin renewing and repairing claim does not stand a chance as it won’t get absorbed completely even after an hour. Once you apply, it forms a layer on your skin and washes away with water easily. I have relatively dry skin on the body and was expecting it to at least get absorbed and provide it the adequate amount of moisture for a few hours, but it failed in doing so. Honestly, we all have used way better moisturizers than this one. It does not solve any purpose at all and is going straight to the bin. Oh and I got the Jolen Fruit Extracts face wash free with this moisturizer which has been reviewed here.

Jolen Vitamins Face Moisturizer 4

Pros of Jolen Vitamins Face Moisturizer:

  • Cheap.
  • Availability is not an issue.

Cons of Jolen Vitamins Face Moisturizer:

  • Tall claims!
  • Does not get absorbed completely.
  • Rinses off with water.
  • Has a strong chemical smell.
  • A whole bunch of chemicals have been used in the making of this product.
  • Not travel friendly.

Final Verdict:

I am never going to repurchase this and would recommend you to stick to your current favorite moisturizer as this is not worth even 125 bucks.

IMBB Rating:


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7 thoughts on “Jolen Vitamins Face Moisturizer Review

  1. Hey Ladies,

    Thank you for the reviews and suggestions but I have a different opinion. I loved the product. I have got normal skin type and usually use creams that are Vitamins enriched and leave a subtle smell. As per me, the product is amazing. Loved the smell, the nourishment and the texture of my skin. I think this is a complete value for money product.

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