Jolen Whitening Face Wash Gel Review

Jolen Whitening Face Wash Gel

Hey everyone,

Today’s review is on Jolen Whitening face wash gel that I picked up online with some other products from the brand. I don’t know what got into me and I bought a couple of products from this brand without a second thought. Anyways, read on to know more about this face wash.

JOlen Whitening Facewash Gel
What the product claims:

Jolen face wash gel made from whitening ingredients, which nourish and revitalize the complexion to make skin look white fresh, soft and beautiful. It is best suited to remove dirt, oil and make-up from face.

Price of the product:

INR 125 for 150g (I got it at a buy one get one offer)

Shelf Life:

3 years

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My experience with Jolen Whitening Face Wash Gel:

The face wash comes in a huge tube which is quite sturdy. The flip cap shuts tight thus there is no spillage from the tube. It is a clear gel based face wash which is slightly on the runny side. I cannot identify the fragrance but it seems to be refreshing and should not bother sensitive noses. It lathers up decently and you need only a small amount to clean the face and the neck area.

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Now, the main reason I got this is not because of the whitening claim but because it claimed to control excess oil. I find all these whitening claim quite hyped because hardly any of those hold true to their claims. This face wash keeps the face oil free but only for about 3-4 hours after which you have to either start blotting your face or wash it again. This does not leave a slippery feeling behind and also does not rip off the moisture content of the face. Also, this face wash did not irritate my skin. Coming to the whitening claim, this does brighten the face after use but the effect lasts only for about 2 hours or so, after which the face starts looking dull again. I have noticed that it removes light make up from my face with slight massaging but the long stay ones don’t budge at all. The major con with this product is that it is loaded with the chemicals we wish to stay away from.

Pros of Jolen Whitening Face Wash Gel:

• Removes excess oil from the face.
• Does not rip off the moisture content.
• Did not break me out.
• Removes light make up from the face with slight massaging.
• Has a refreshing fragrance.
• Inexpensive.
• Packaging is sturdy.

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Cons of Jolen Whitening Face Wash Gel:

• The brightening effect is temporary.
• Contains Parabens.
• This huge tube is not travel friendly.

Final Verdict:

I won’t be repurchasing this as I have another unused tube lying around. Whether to buy this product or not solely depends on you as the market is flooded with options. I think this is an average face wash which you may try if you want to explore something new.

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