Jordana Blush Powder: #37 Blushing Rose

Jordana Blush Powder: #37 Blushing Rose

Jordana Blush Powder #37 Blushing Rose

Remember I had said that I will review the affordable, glorious, and very usable Jordana blushes, in the order of nicety, as in the good ones first and the bad ones last? So, I am still on the good part and have been using and falling in love with this shade all this week. I do know its now a very summer color or coral beach color for the summer, but I just cannot happen to lay my hands off this color. I do have some more of these to be reviewed which I will once I use them, but the ones that I already did are perhaps the best, smoothest, and most pigmented of the lot (read reviews on Redwood, Bronze).

Blushing Rose

These blushes come in a very matter-of-fact packing with simple silvery plastic whose paint will inevitably come off with wear and tear, round, no flip cap, the regular oh-so-tedious screw cap, but I still like the simplicity of these. These don’t cost much, I believe 229 rupees and I got them on some sale period on a site and I forgot for how much, but still very good for what I got.

Blushing Rose

These blushes have more than shades I suppose and most of them are so wearable, you have to own one to see. There are lighter day wear shades in Mocha, Tawny Beige and the like which I will soon share. But there are some of the evening wear shades like this one and the ones I reviewed which are the safest to buy as they are very soft and pigmented, at least softer than the rest.

Blushing Rose

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The shade is a gorgeous plummy-deep pink and I don’t have such shades at all in my kit. I do own a hell lot of blushes since these are a recent craze with me and I am busy hoarding, selecting what will be right for me. As of now, I am falling for shades that have a sheen to them like this one.  The plummy shade has a beautiful golden duochrome sheen to it,  which my camera did capture a little. The golden sheen adds to the glow on the cheeks and makes it more of an evening wear.

Blushing Rose

Its not matte and I suppose if it were, I would still wear it for the evenings since the colour does show up well.  Its soft and deep and the worst part is that it stains a bit due to the nature of the colour.  So, it gives me six hours of wear leaving behind a nice soft stain. The golden doesn’t look bad at all and it can be layered up very well to make it a bridal wear.

Blushing Rose

Last Word on Jordana Blush Powder:  #37 Blushing Rose:

The texture is nice, soft, pigmented, and I am happy with what I got, such shades are quite rare to find especially with the gold sheen to it. Loving it totally!

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48 thoughts on “Jordana Blush Powder: #37 Blushing Rose

  1. thanks for the review , thats a pretty pink 🙂
    i was considering colorbar as my first blush but i now i am thinking of giving this 1 a shot 🙂
    where can i find it online ?????????

      1. Thank you 🙂
        as a starter i wanted to get the c.b blush , but the way these people keep increasing their price is
        more than annoying 🙁

        1. hey anshu u the same anshu from before na with a son 🙂
          how hv u been?
          and colorbar has good ones deffo
          and try some lakme ones too
          seem to be very pigmented for 475 i think
          i love ginger surprise 🙂

  2. Oh my! this is such a gorgeous color neha!! oh pls tell me from where you got these? i have tried and they dont seem to be available online 🙁

  3. ha ha ha ……..:P Neha why don’t u make a trip to Mumbai now!!! its high time….Oh Yes I was going to say the same as Preetha… I hv seen them at beauty centre and beauty shop (the girl on the jordana counter knws me very well ;))
    Thanks fr sharing ……….. I lovvvvvvveeeeeeeeee this colour 😉

  4. I have heard so much about beauty center Neha…..I want to go there too 🙂 This is such a pretty blush!

  5. wow…. Nice review, I am a Jordana Lippis freak, i own all of the pink, neutral, natural, nude shades; But, have not tried the blushes yet…. will this particular shade suit medium skin tone??

    Thank you

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