Jordana Easyliner For Eyes: Purple Fusion Review

Jordana Easyliner For Eyes:  Purple Fusion Review

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Hope you all are doing good. Today, I would be reviewing Jordana Easyliner For Eyes in the shade “Purple Fusion.”

Jordana Easyliner For Eyes Purple Fusion Review


150 INR for 0.28 gm.


It comes in a plastic packaging with a click-type lock. It closes very tightly, so if you have just applied moisturizer on your hands, it’s a bit difficult to pull it open. The color of the packaging is of the same color as that of the eyeliner itself, so this way it’s much easier to locate the shade when you are in a hurry. The cap is golden in color. The major plus point of this eyeliner is that it’s a retractable pencil and not a sharpening one, so there’s no wastage of product at all. Also, you can twist it up and down to see how much product is left, so that’s a major plus point for me.

Purple Eyeliner 2


It’s a lavender purple color eyeliner with silver micro shimmers. The shimmers are very subtle, so it looks more matte in different lights. It is lighter than the Faces one, like a true purple. The Faces one is more blackened, I have attached a comparative pic with Faces eye pencil to show the difference.

Purple Eyeliner 3

My Experience with Jordana Easyliner For Eyes: Purple Fusion

Well, this eyeliner glides very smoothly and there is no tugging or pulling at all. It is also very soft and not dry at all. I have this since about 8 months and the texture hasn’t changed one bit. I use it only on the upper lash line as I’m a bit skeptical about using anything with shimmers on the lower lash line.

Purple Eyeliner 4

You need to use the pencil with full intensity to let the color show up or else you may need 2-3 swipes, whichever method suits you the best. This eyeliner lasts easily on me for 8-9 hours on the upper lash line after which it smudges, but the strange part is it smudges only if you touch it, but if it comes in contact with water, it doesn’t budge at all.

Purple Eyeliner 5

Purple Eyeliner 6

Once it comes in contact with water, you can try smudging it with as much strength as you want, it won’t move a bit. So, basically it smudges only in normal conditions but once in contact with water, it becomes 100% smudge proof. So, I found that part a bit strange.  Hence, you will need a proper makeup remover to take it off.

hand swatches

comparison with faces

Pros of Jordana Easyliner For Eyes: Purple Fusion

  • Glides smoothly.
  • Retractable eyeliner.
  • Waterproof.
  • Long staying power.
  • Pretty shade.
  • Inexpensive.

Purple Eyes

Cons of Jordana Easyliner For Eyes: Purple Fusion

  • Smudges till it comes in contact with water.
  • Not pigmented enough.

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Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase Jordana Easyliner For Eyes: Purple Fusion?

Well, this is indeed a very pretty shade, but I have tons of other stuff to finish so I wouldn’t repurchase it at the moment, but I would recommend it to those who have watery eyes as this would last long and won’t budget at all.

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  1. ratiii 🙁 plz reply na.. did u get my mail.?? i’m so waiting for your reply or to that to be posted here cos it is my 1st review 🙁

  2. ratiii plz reply na.. did u get my mail.?? i’m so waiting for your reply or to that to be posted here cos it is my 1st review

  3. i have a blue one… and i just love it… i got it may be 1 year back or so… m happy with it 🙂
    a nice shade indeed .. 🙂

  4. Roshini.. its a nice purple shade and your lovely eyes made this shade more attractive….Nice review and beautiful piccys 🙂

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