Jordana Easyliner for Lips Retractable Pencil Rock N Rose Review

Jordana Easyliner for Lips Retractable Pencil Rock N Rose

Product Description:

• Retractable-No Sharpening Required
• Silky Smooth Soft Glide Formula
• Excellent Color Coverage; Rich Semi-Matte Finish
• All-Day Wear
• Convenient & Easy to Use
• Made In USA


Available in 15 Shades.


Rs 299 for 0.25g

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My Experience with Jordana Easyliner for Lips Retractable Pencil Rock N Rose:

These days Jordana products are easily available everywhere both online and offline so when I spotted this neutral color I was excited to try it. Jodana has many types of lip liners and this is my first lip liner from the brand and this one is retractable pencil. It is available in many shades and I have the color rock n rose.


The packaging is really convenient and the main reason I bought it, it comes in a Retractable Pencil, the liner twists up well and goes back inside completely. More so the outer color of the pencil replicates the color of the liner making selecting easy if you have more than one color.

The color rock n rose is a rosy mauve color it has some brown tones to it as well. It looks more mauve on me. The color is quite close to my natural lip color and two shades darker, itwill be a very good mlbb lip liner for many. Because it is a neutral color it goes well with many lip colors I have like most neutrals and pinks, I also like to pair it with brighter color and it makes them look much more wearable and slightly toned down. The lip liner will work for everyone especially for those with pigmented lips and can be worn alone as well with some lip balm. I don’t just line my lips with it but use it all over and blend it with fingers or a lip brush.



The texture is nice and smooth and not too soft and creamy, for some reason I do not like extremely creamy lip liners I feel they do not make lip colors last any longer whereas the texture of this one is perfect for me and not overly dry. It glides smoothly without tugging, though if you have really dry lips then a lip balm prior to application shall certainly help. When worn alone it has a matte finish and can feel drying after 2 hours of wear. It slightly emphasizes lines on lips like most lip liners do. It is really pigmented and will cover pigmented lips very easily.

It makes a great base for lipsticks and glosses extending the wear time considerably and prevents feathering and bleeding for creamy lipsticks and glosses. It has a good staying powder of around 4 hours. All in all this is a really good lip liner.

Pros of Jordana Easyliner for Lips Retractable Pencil Rock N Rose:

• Nice color will work with many lip colors
• Twist up pencil no hassles of sharpening
• Smooth texture that glides easily
• Decently priced
• Makes a great base preventing feathering or bleeding of the color
• Good staying power
• Quite pigmented
• Easily available


Cons of Jordana Easyliner for Lips Retractable Pencil Rock N Rose:

• It can fee slightly drying especially if you have dry chapped lips
• Emphasizes lines on lips
• Tip can break if more pressure is applied

IMBB Rating:


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