Jordana Espresso Lipstick Review

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After the disappointing encounter with the Jordana Cranberry Lipstick, today I’m back with another lipstick from the brand and this time it’s the shade Espresso. I shopped for these lipsticks online and as we all know shopping online is pretty similar to gambling and while the former shade turned out to be quite a dud the latter was pretty decent and usable. So let’s look more closely into the lippy.

Jordana Espresso Lipstick Review (4)

Product Description:
 Full coverage, dazzling color.
 Rich and creamy texture.
 Lightweight, smooth-glide application.
 Soft shine finish.
 Made in USA.

Jordana Espresso Lipstick Review (1)

Jordana Espresso Lipstick Review (4)

Price: INR 149 for 3.4 g

My Experience with Jordana Espresso Lipstick:

By now all of us are pretty familiar with the drab Jordana lipstick packaging yet for the sake of the review and for the new readers I would describe it once again. The lipstick comes in a boring yet sturdy grey and black plastic case with a see through cap which makes it easy to locate the shade in the stash. A part of the bullet sticks out which makes me really nervous while placing the cap back after use as I feel the careless me might end up damaging the bullet. No ingredients list is mentioned on the lipstick anywhere which I feel is a major downside.

Jordana Espresso Lipstick Review (4)

The lipstick has a really weird rubbery smell/ fragrance to it which is a mahor turn off but the best part is that it doesn’t linger for long and hence our nostrils are spared the horror pretty soon.

Coming to the shade Espresso, well I would call it a peachy brown shade and is pretty good for regular wear. For once the lipstick shade matched the swatch shown online and I’m pretty happy about that. In the bullet it looks like a scary dark chocolate shade but I really love the way it transfers to a pretty brown on the lips. This shade is once again a one that can be worn by all complexions for all sorts of events without much thinking and that’s what I feel is the beauty of this one.

The texture of this particular shade is a welcome change after the disastrous experience with the Cranberry shade. While cranberry really tugged and pulled on the lips this on the other hand glides quite smoothly and is quite creamy and non-sticky. However, it isn’t as creamy as to give the balm a miss and I highly recommend girls with dry lips to use a lip balm underneath as it could get drying with time.

Jordana Espresso Lipstick Review (4)

Pigmentation-wise this lipstick is pretty decent and is totally build-able. Two swipes gives full coverage and with a few more swipes a more intense colour can be built. It doesn’t get patchy while building up the colour and that again is a plus.

The staying power of this lippy is pretty average that is 2.5 to 3 hours and for the price and the texture I would say I’m quite satisfied. It does transfer onto cups and glasses and that again is pretty much a turn off.

Summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of Jordana Espresso Lipstick:

  • Affordable
  • Shade would suit a lot of complexions
  • Shade would be apt for regular wear
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Glides well without tugging and pulling
  • Decent pigmentation
  • Decent staying power for the price

Cons of Jordana Espresso Lipstick:

  • Weird rubbery fragrance
  • Complete list of ingredients not mentioned
  • Availability in India
  • No list of ingredients mentioned

Jordana Espresso Lipstick Review (2)

Jordana Espresso Lipstick Review (1)

IMBB Rating: 3.75/5

Overall, I would call it a pretty decent product for the price that it comes at. I liked the shade but then there’s extraordinary about it and can easily be skipped. The only thing I hated the most was the weird fragrance. I feel at this price our Elle 18 is doing a much better job and I would suggest everyone to go for that instead of this brand.

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