Jordana Eye Pencil in Spring Flower Review

Jordana Eye Pencil in Spring Flower Review

Hey Guys,

Hope you are having a good time.  I had an awesome time in Mumbai and now I am ill.  We, Andamanis, couldn’t take the hectic life of Mumbai :P.  Really, it was a bit too much for me and my daughter. The fierce Sun (God knows how I would deal with Delhi sun in summers), the pollution, the long commute hours, the stress and other such things were hectic for us and we both fell ill. I desperately wanted to come back home to Andamans and took a breath of relief when I reached home, but having said that, I admit that I LOVE Mumbai. It is my favorite city in India. I was there in Mumbai for a year in 2007 when I worked with Accenture and fell in love with the place since then.  Now that I am back to Andamans, I am taking rest and getting back to business. By business, I mean reviews 😛 Today’s review is about Jordana Eye Pencil in Spring Flower.

Jordana Eye Pencil in Spring Flower Review

Product Description:

Sorry, couldn’t find any description anywhere on the internet.


Approximately Rs. 150


I don’t know!

Jordana 1

My Take on Jordana Eye Pencil in Spring Flower:

I am not a big fan of Jordana products. I find them okay. I used their lip liners which were good but this eye pencil, oh no, I don’t like it.  True to its name, jumbo eye pencil, this is a big, fat eye pencil. This shade is called Spring Flower. The shade is nice. It suits my skin tone and I really like the shade, but I hate its texture, maybe it is because I have oily eye lids.

The pencil is convenient to use. Okay, not at all as good or convenient as Faces eye pencils, but it is decent. My problem is the texture which is too oily for me. Also, it creases. It creased on my lids in like one hour’s time or maybe less. I had not blended it, so maybe that is one reason. I wanted to see how it stayed just like that without any prep.  Also, since the pencil has a thick tip, I found it difficult to apply, but then, maybe it is because I am not at all good at eye make up. I also found my lids heavy after I applied it. So, this didn’t work for me at all except the shade and the shade is quite pigmented. One swipe and it is done. It is more like a baby pink – lavender pink shade with very light shimmer. You can not spot the shimmer particles though, but it is a little shiny.

Jordana 3

Parita had reviewed the same product and gave it a good rating and we all know she is an expert in eye make up. So, maybe people who are comfortable with applying the eye make up may find it easy, but if you are just starting out like me, this is not for you!

In the swatch below, you can spot the crease after an hour of application of the pencil.


Pros of Jordana Eye Pencil in Spring Flower:

  • Nice shade.
  • May last long as it is a jumbo pencil.
  • Creamy texture.
  • May work well for people who have dry eye lids.
  • Quite pigmented.

Cons of Jordana Eye Pencil in Spring Flower:

  • Creases after some time.
  • Feels heavy on the lids.
  • Since it has a thick tip, I found it difficult to use.

IMBB Rating:

2.5/5 or maybe even less.  Try it out if you are a pro at using eye pencils.

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30 thoughts on “Jordana Eye Pencil in Spring Flower Review

  1. Hi dear.. missed you here!! 🙂 this Color suits u a lot!! u r rt jordana is nt for freshers like me.. 😛 I also had hard time wid punk rock purple.. 😛

  2. its pretty shade especially for inner corner high lighting 🙂 i have very dry eye lids and hence nothing really creases on me easily but did you try using a primer beneath? it always helps to use creamy products over a base 🙂

  3. Hi Surbhi, i dont like makeup which feels heavy on my eyes, so its a no for me and what u have purchased from mumbai, show us na…

    Happy Anniversay Neetu!! Enjoy d day 🙂 🙂

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