Jordana Eyeliner – Evergreen and Turquoise

Jordana Eyeliner – Evergreen and Turquoise

Price: 99 INR for 1.2 gm

Hey beauties,

How are y’all?? Today I am going to be reviewing Jordana eyeliners.

I got these pencils on a recent haul from an online site.

Jordana Eyeliner - Evergreen and Turquoise

They are each for 99 INR but I got them for 95 as they were on sale. So for 190 INR these pencils are a nice choice, especially if you are a beginner in make-up and want to try some coloured liners. They have a total of 5 shades in this range I guess but I bought the shades 43 Evergreen and 41 turquoise as I wanted to see how these shades go with my skin tone.

Jordana Eyeliner - Evergreen and Turquoise 2

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JOrdana eye liner (2)


These pencils are decently pigmented and glide on very easily without tugging on the eyes. The colours are really beautiful and the pencils can be easily sharpened. Evergreen is a beautiful emerald green and turquoise is a sea greenish blue.




jordana eye liner evergreen

Jordana Eyeliner - Evergreen

The pencils are about 7 inches long and thus will last really long. 🙂 They do get smudged but the biggest con of these pencils is the staying power. I applied these without applying any primer on my eyelids and they stayed for 2-3 hours and then totally vanished but with a primer they lasted on me for about 6 hours which is not that bad for such a product. So I suggest that one primes there eye if using these otherwise it will be very disappointing.

Jordana Eyeliner - Turquoise


Jordana eye liner turquoise

Pros of Jordana Eyeliner:

• Beautiful colours.
• Good pigmentation.
• Cheap.
• Glide on easily.

JOrdana eye liner

Jordana Eyeliner - Turquoise  swatches

Cons of Jordana Eyeliner:

• Staying power.
• Not smudge-proof.

IMBB Rating:

I would recommend this product to beginners and for people who want to try out shades before buying the expensive ones. They are not at all bad for the cost they come at.


Have a nice day!

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