Jordana Lip Liner in 37 Cabaret

Jordana Lip Liner in 37 Cabaret

Hello ladies,

Today I’ll be reviewing another lip liner in the shade Cabaret from Jordana. I had purchased this along with ‘Maroon’ and some lipsticks. Let us get to the review quickly.


149 INR. They’ve hiked their prices, earlier they used to come for 129 INR.

My experience with Jordana Lip Liner in 37 Cabaret:


It comes in a red-brown wooden pencil form. The details are printed in silver, the cap is silver too. The cap fits fine. I just do not like the stickers. There are so many of them! Anyway, over all it’s sleek,can be easily located, travel-friendly and no-fuss packaging.

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Cabaret is a deep gorgeous red colour, a little on the dull side, but looks beautiful! Fair skinned beauties can never ever go wrong with this shade, it would just add to their complexion. Don’t worry, medium and dark skin tones would carry this beautifully too!



The texture is smooth. The tip doesn’t melt or crumble while applying. It tugs a little bit and settles into fine lines, one thing I do not like about it. I like it when my lips feel smooth after applying any lip product. It doesn’t give a smooth look to my lips.


On my hand, both Maroon and Cabaret look dupes of each other, seriously! But on the lips, you can spot the difference very clearly. For 100% opacity, you have to swipe it twice or maybe even thrice. It imparts that beautiful shade I described earlier. When the gloss is applied, the colour goes from matte to dramatic and bold.

Staying power:

It smudges only when freshly applied, another con for me. After sometime, it doesn’t smudge at all! One meal and the colour starts fading a bit. It lasts upto 5 hours but with fading. After a while of application, it transfers very less.



It has a woody smell to it, but it isn’t that much of a bother. Only if you sniff closely, would you smell the woody fragrance. It doesn’t taste like anything.

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Jordana Lip Liner in 37 Cabaret:

1. Cheap.
2. Beautiful colour.
3. Suits all skin tones.
4. Perfect for all seasons/day look/night look.
5. Sleek packaging.
6. Staying power.

Cons of Jordana Lip Liner in 37 Cabaret:

1. Product wastage due to sharpening.
2. Smudges easily when freshly applied.
3. Drying on the lips.


IMBB rating:

4 / 5


Final Verdict om Jordana Lip Liner in 37 Cabaret:

I’m a bit partial to the colour, hence I did not deduct many points. This one’s a very versatile shade, can be suitable for winters, summers (if used with a light hand),day look, night makeup, weddings, parties- you name it. One can never go wrong with this shade, unless you pair this one up with heavy eye makeup! 😛 It’s a good buy actually, if we ignore the cons.

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