Jordana Lipstick- 172 Toasty Taupe Review

Jordana Lipstick- 172 Toasty Taupe

Hello cuties,

My craze towards lippies is increasing day by day and after watching reviews everyday I am tempted even more. I bought a few new one and have some oldies as well which I have started putting to use. The most amazing thing happened, I visited their website to see whether these lipsticks are still into existence and yes they are. And guess what I saw, this particular lipstick range had 79 shades. This is like unbelievable. I have never seen one range having such a wide variety of shades to pick from. So I think each and every person will get the lipsticks of their choice. I picked it up randomly when I went to Dubai because it was just One and a half dollar which is like dirt cheap. Read to know further.


Price: $1.49

Product description:

• Full Coverage, Dazzling Color.
• Rich & Creamy Texture.
• Lightweight, Smooth-Glide Application.
• Soft Shine Finish.
• Made in USA

How to apply Jordana lipstick:

Begin applying from the centre of your upper lips and work your way to the outer edges. Same application is used for your bottom lips.

Tip: To extend the wear of your lipstick, outline your natural lip line with a coordinating Jordana Lip Liner and fill in your lips before applying color.

My take on Jordana Lipstick- 172 Toasty Taupe:

I own 3 lipsticks from this range. I did not get a wide selection at that time but I am going to order some more online as well. The packaging is not that happening, it looks a bit cheap with that transparent plastic packaging. When you remove out the plastic case it looks a little better in silver and black fonts on it. But have to say, even though it looks cheap the plastic cap does not break at all unlike some lipsticks which are expensive and still break. The lipstick is a nice peachy brown shade and has a pearl and a metallic kind of a finish to it. It is a little frosty. The shade brightens up the face instantly and looks gorgeous at both the night and day time. Actually it looks more stunning during the day-time as in bright sunlight your lips are highly noticeable.


The fragrance is good, smells a little like those cheap lipsticks but 20% better than that. It is not really bothering and once you have the lipstick on the smell will vanish away which is good for us. It has small pink particles of shimmers but are not that noticeable when applied to the lips. The lipstick isn’t creamy at all. Infact it is a little drying when you apply but adjusts well after application. A lip balm over it will do the work. The colour comes up in one swipe only but 2-3 swipes make it look finished and great. The lipstick lasts on till 3 to 3 and a half hour with light snacks. Later on it starts to fade and the thing that I dislike is the shimmers start to show up but I just wash my lips so that the shimmers go away. Overall, the lipsticks are rocking considering the price they come at.

Pros of Jordana Lipstick- 172 Toasty Taupe:

-79 shades to select from
-The pigmentation is great
-Available in India as well at jordana counters
-The plastic of the lipstick does not break even if dropped a lot many times
-Brightens up the face instantly
-Lasts for 3 to 3 and a half hours which is great at this price
-Shows up the colour fully in 2-3 swipes


Cons of Jordana Lipstick- 172 Toasty Taupe:

-Shimmers start showing up after lipstick fades
-Not creamy and does not glide that smoothly
-A bit drying

Will I repurchase/ recommend Jordana Lipstick- 172 Toasty Taupe?

I won’t buy the same shade again and who else would because there are 79 shades available. Obviously I would love to pick 2 or 3 shades more. And yes I do recommend them as the price it is great and everyone can find one or the other shade of their choice.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. i am also addicted to lippies now and all credit goes to imbb *happy dance* *happy dance* and of course jordana lippies are all time favorites for cheap prize and good quality.and their blushes are also great.even i like their retractable eye pencils.actually almost all the products of jordana are cool *haan ji* *haan ji* .and Saloni i love your reviews *puchhi* *puchhi*

    1. Awwwww *thankyou* *thankyou* sooo much Nadia…. you can’t imagine how much happiee i am right now after reading your comment *happydance* i know all the jordana stuff is sooo reliable and totally worth the price *clap* *hifive*

  2. the shade is lovely *puchhi* …i have also ordered some shades from jordana…waiting for them to come… *happy dance*

    1. Ohhhh rutva do share the shades too *happy dance* *happy dance* i know i love this shade too *happydance* *happydance* i know we become to impatient during that waiting time *hihi* *hihi*

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