Jordana Lipstick in LS 046 Raspberry Review, Swatch

Jordana Lipstick in LS-046 Raspberry

Hello beautiful ladies,

I am going crazy on lip product these days. I have ordered a lot of lip products from various sites in the last 2-3 weeks and hence my reviews are also on lippies.:) Today I will share my views on a lipstick that I brought last week. It’s from a company called Jordana. Jordana cosmetics is a family owned company that was started 25 years ago. Most of their products are made in USA, but this particular product is made in Canada. These lipsticks come in 80 different shades but only a few of them are available in India. The shade I brought is LS-046 and it’s called Raspberry. The color goes perfectly with the name. It’s a beautiful raspberry color.


Product quantity: 3.4 g

Price: Rs 149 in India and $1.49 in USA

jordana lipstick raspberry


The lipstick comes in a silver black tube with a transparent cap. The silver part of the lipstick has Jordana written on it. Although the packaging is very average but at least the color is visible from the top.


Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 4.23.59 PM

Product Description:
Jordana Lipstick helps in keeping your lips soft & supple with beautiful, dazzling colors. The rich & creamy texture gives soft shiny finish to your lips.

  • Full Coverage, Dazzling Color
  •  Rich & Creamy Texture
  •  Lightweight, Smooth-Glide Application
  •  Soft Shine Finish
  •  Made In USA

My take on the product:

I loved the shade when I saw it and it was exactly as it looked in the picture. I brought a similar shade in Elle 18 a few months back but unfortunately I lost it and I wasn’t able to find it again, so when I saw this I instantly ordered it. I am happy with my purchase; it’s a good quality lipstick in such an affordable price. It gives a beautiful shine to lips. It’s a perfect raspberry pink for me. Although it have some problems like settling in the fine lines and uneven fading but overall due to its positive points I liked it. It’s not very creamy in texture but it has a good staying power. It also has a nice fragrance to it; the fragrance is not too loud to disturb my nose.



  •  Good quality in affordable price
  •  Beautiful color
  •  Gives a beautiful shiny lips
  •  Stays for long
  •  I loved the fruity smell
  •  Not very creamy but does not dry my lips


  •  Average packaging
  •  Does not fade evenly
  •  Tend to settle in the fine lines





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Would I buy this product again?
I may buy it again that too in the same shade if I don’t get anything similar in better quality and affordable price. 🙂

Do I recommend this?
Yes I do. Firstly, I loved the color. Secondly as it is a good product in such an affordable price

Rating: 4/5

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