Jordana Lipsticks in Shade Amber, Bronze and All Spicy

Jordana Lipsticks in Shade Amber, Bronze and All Spicy

Hi Dear IMBB Readers,

Recently, I had to attend a marriage function and suddenly I realized that most of the lipsticks I own are suited either for day wear, office wear or at the max, beach wear. I didn’t have the staple party colors for desi wedding- bright reds, coppery oranges or flashy purples. I adjusted with a shimmery gloss and decided I will get a proper party color soon. That is when I spotted these shades in Coollifeshop.  I have not seen Jordana products anywhere else including stores and for a brief time on an Indian online shopping site.

Jordana Lipsticks in Shade Amber Bronze and All Spicy

Products Being Reviewed:

Jordana Lipsticks in shades All Spicy, Bronze and Amber from left to right.

A little info about the lipsticks from Jordana Website:

• Full Coverage, Dazzling Color.
• Rich & Creamy Texture.
• Lightweight, Smooth-Glide Application.
• Soft Shine Finish.
• Made in USA.

Net Weight:

.12 OZ/3.4 g.

Jordana Lipsticks are available in the following textures/finishes:



No idea, nothing mentioned on the product or in the website.


I got this for 134 INR each from coollifeshop though the price mentioned in website is $1.49.

Amber is described as Orange Copper shade and Bronze is a true bronze-y shade, both with pearl reflective shine finish. All Spicy is described as a gold-toned peach shade with both pearl as well as duo-toned luster finish. I am assuming by duo-toned luster, they imply multiple shade effects for the color.


This is an okay-looking cheap plastic package with transparent cap that helps in deciding the color.

Jordana Lipsticks

My Experience with Jordana Lipsticks in Shade Amber, Bronze and All Spicy:

When I first tried these out, the first thing I noticed is the fruity smell. This smells like watermelon plus some other fruit and reminds me of fruity-tasting bubble-gums. I kind of like the smell and it doesn’t stay for long. The next thing that I noticed was that these lipsticks are kind of waxy and so not-creamy that I have no idea why they claim this is creamy. I can compare this with the feel of a crayon pencil, though may be a little softer than crayon. This glides smoothly enough over lips if I apply a lip balm first, else it feels too dry on bare lips. All the 3 shades are decently pigmented.

Amber is a true coppery orange shade that is very good along with ethnic dressing and is very good for night wear and the shimmer is not at all over the top.  This can be easily built upon and looks really good when the eye makeup is muted and emphasis is on lips. It can either be used for casual outing to give a bright pop of color with a single swipe or a jewel-toned look for night wear. This shade will best suit dark-toned skins and might look a bit garish for fair skins.

From left to right: Amber, All Spicy and Bronze.


Bronze is a much pigmented brownish coppery bronze-y shade that would suit any skin tone and is a must-have shade for party wears; it goes with any dress – ethnic or western.

All Spicy is a peachy shade with golden shimmers that shows pinkish tints on lips. The peachy undertones are quite muted and on layering give a very beautiful pinkish look. This goes sheer on a single swipe and can be easily built upon. I like this color best for casual outings and day wears as the pinkish shade plus golden shimmers makes this is a very summery shade. This again would suit most skin tones, except very dark skin tones. I think this will show up best on non-pigmented clear lips.

From left to right: Amber, All Spicy and Bronze (the swatch is shown with a single swipe of the lipstick except for All Spicy which is shown with 2 swipes).


Now comes the best part, these are very long lasting! Surprised? I was too! I didn’t expect it from a 1$ product, but when I checked my makeup after 3 hours and one meal, the color (Amber shade) was still on and didn’t look much faded at all. I re-applied it with a single swipe and it lasted for another 3 hours! I didn’t expect this from All Spicy which is a paler shade, but shockingly the shade lasted for 3+ hours. So now, this is my go-to lipsticks when I need long-stay lip colors and want to experiment with colors.

Pros of Jordana Lipsticks in Shade Amber, Bronze and All Spicy:

  • Good number of shades to select from.
  • Not very expensive.
  • Long lasting color which exceeds expectations!
  • I like the fruity fragrance.
  • Shimmers are not at all over the top.

Cons of Jordana Lipsticks in Shade Amber, Bronze and All Spicy:

  • Drying effect on the lips.
  • Waxy feel on the lips.
  • Nonavailability in India.
  • Cheap-looking packaging.
  • Doesn’t exactly match the claim of being creamy, Jordana should change the claim to “Long stay”!

Overall Rating:

4 out of 5 (0.5 for drying effect and 0.5 for waxy feeling).

Will I Buy Again?

Of course yes, I think these lipsticks have in them all that is expected from an inexpensive lipstick, i.e., decent pigmentation plus decent staying power. In fact, I think for a cheap lipstick like this, staying power is really good. I am planning to experiment with some shades I’ve not yet tried like Black Cherry and Raspberry.

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23 thoughts on “Jordana Lipsticks in Shade Amber, Bronze and All Spicy

  1. thnk god it smells fruity
    the matte i got from cherry c was like sm chemical smell :yuck:

    nice post but none are my kind of shades tho :))

    1. Hehehe, none are my daily wear shades Neha..These are strictly party wear except fr All Spicy..that is a cute color..
      But the stayin power is amazing!! i wonder hw they managed that!!!
      And the smell part is weird..i notice it wth lippies..
      ive 2 streetwear lippies that smell lyk dried coconuts [ :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: ] and 2 lippies that smell kinda nice..dono hw tis happens!

  2. i guess such lipsticks are good for experimenting purpose. you test the shades that suit you the most and then pick up the similar shades in nicer lipsticks. :))

    1. True Rati.. I am planning to experimenting wth raspberry and other stronger shades befr i try othr brands…. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  3. Hey Devil girll.. i found myself in the same situation few days back when i had to attend a family function.. now i am thinking of getting similar shades.. some dark, bright shades.. :shying: :shying: :shying:
    Nice review :waytogo:

    1. Thanks Poo… :thanks: :thanks: i can totally understand, these are not shades you usually pick up espl now that nudes and beiges are sooo in-vogue!
      and smhw te nude+shimmer gloss effect goes well wth western dresses and not with Desi party sarees!

  4. bronze for me!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: browns/bronze will always remain my favorite color of lipstick though i personally thinks I look better in pinks :whistle:

  5. Hm…Decent enough for experimenting with colours,but I don’t really think it’s worth re-purchasing. 🙂
    Nice review,Devi! :pompom:

    1. Thanks Prags :thanks:
      Ure right..Not at all worth re-purchasing, but definitely gud fr experimenting with shades..
      they hve arnd 70 shades, so u can try and see and then buy te one tat suits u best…. :woot:

  6. nice review devi :whistle: .. jorana is also an upcuming brand on IMBB.. hope to try sum stuff ofrm this brand.. btw nice shades.. :yes: :yes:

    1. Thanks Nids… :thanks: :thanks: I like some of their products like their blushes which is totally value for money and lippies which is not great but decent enuf….
      The best part is the color selection and cheap price!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

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