Jordana Quick Liner For Lips: Cherrywood, Wild Orchid and Scarlet

Jordana Quick Liner For Lips: Cherrywood, Wild Orchid and Scarlet

Jordana Quick Liner For Lips Cherrywood Wild Orchid and Scarlet

I have a confession! After my love for lipsticks and eye shadows, now I am in the soup for the urge to hoard lip pencils and blushes 😛  I have been listening so much about Jordana blushes and how affordable they are and nice for everyday use.  I did a major haul from an Indian website that has Jordana and some other American drugstore brands; and as if the blushes were not enough, I could not talk myself out of why I should not buy some lip liners as well as I have so many lipsticks. :dance:  So, I got some four of them; one is a long pencil type and three of them are these quick liner retractable types.

Jordana lip liner

These are pen-sized pencils, very sturdy, retractable and thankfully, they do twist back once open and have a good amount of lip pencil in there as you can see.  You might confuse them for sketch pens on first look (felt tip pens, call them what you may :toothygrin:, as a kid, they were always sketch pens for me).  They are the same size as the sketch pens and the colors are also too bright to handle and the caps, etc., everything reminds me so much of sketch pens, but very sturdy ones at that.

Jordana lip liner

The pencils are available in a lot of shades and I think most of them would be darker browns, plums and brighter reds. Now, coming to the texture of these pencils; these feel so stiff and crayon like.  I mean you don’t feel like they are reducing in size even though you may swipe them on and on.  They just seem same and stiff.  The color that comes out is faint and not so deep. They feel waxy and not at all creamy.

Jordana lip liner

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On the lips, they do show up good enough, but the texture again is like you have lined your lips with sketch pen as there is not a film of color but only plain color, somewhat like a tint. I really doubt whether these would avoid lipstick bleeding at all.

The shade Cherrywood is a deeper maroon-brown kind of a shade and the most pigmented out of the three. Scarlet is a bright orangey-red and Wild Orchid is a bright mauve-purple, a pinky-purple in fact.  Scarlet and Wild Orchid come out quite light and not so pigmented too.  Cherrywood is decently pigmented.

Jordana lip liner

Last Word on Jordana Quick Liner For Lips:  Cherrywood, Wild Orchid and Scarlet:

For the price of 179 rupees each, they do a fine job.  The color comes out like that of a sketch pen and the shades are mildly pigmented. These do stay on for a while and leave a tint behind. Overall, I don’t say buy them, but I do say they can feature in your list of options for affordable lip pencils. These are creamy, remember, more like a lip tint.  The quality of the pencil feels really plastic-y too.

More blush reviews from Jordana coming up soon for you! 😉

IMBB Rating:

3 on 5.

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42 thoughts on “Jordana Quick Liner For Lips: Cherrywood, Wild Orchid and Scarlet

  1. ooo nice, bright,coulourful review 🙂 I’ve never used lip pencils before….but now I am tempted….whc site did u get these from?

  2. Nehaji, i tink their quickliner range is nt as gud as their Easyliner range.. try tat te next time… :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  3. neha…not creamy then definitely not tempting enuff to buy…btw…i just bought an eye shadow quart frm jordana..n totally hate it…. :yuck:

  4. pretty shades neha :pompom: :pompom: .. i think my vov is much better than this n thts just 130/- :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  5. Nice review!! 😉

    I have Jordana Blush in Touch of Pink and I like it a lot. :yahoo:
    I’d bought it from UT before they stopped selling Jordana!! :smug: :spank:
    I want to buy some more Jordana blushes..waiting for your review now!!! :preen: :pompom: :pompom:

  6. Somehow even i m getting crazy about the blushes nw a days 😀 😀 …..whenever i go make up shopping the gorgeous blush colors attract me :stars: :stars: n yes Neha have u tried the Incolor blushes ???…. they have shimmer bt they are gorgeous :love: :love: and in Mumbai we get them fr Rs. 110 :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:
    The jordana lipliner are ok types but there are better shades as I saw in one of emilynoel83 ka video on youtube….check her emily awards for eyes lips and face video, she has uploaded it last week only
    :thanks: for sharing Neha

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