Josie Maran Argan Enlighten Illuminizer Review



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This review will be on the Josie Maran Argan Enlightment Illuminizer.

Josie Maran Argan Enlighten Illuminizer Review

About the product:
A concentrated radiance liquid for the face, with high-performance crystals that are infused with multi-colored luster pigments to capture and reflect light.

What it does:
Bring a glowing look to the skin with Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer. Enriched with argan oil, which provides nourishment to the skin, its champagne hue mirrors the natural, radiant look of healthy skin. It’s infused with madonna lily, a pure white blossom, and poet’s narcissus, an ancient daffodil, which work together to brighten and even your skin tone. Skin looks instantly radiant when you use this versatile liquid illuminizer alone, or mix it with foundation, moisturizer, or oil for a lit-from-within glow.

Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer is inspired by the idea of enlightenment—the overwhelming beauty that radiates from a person after achieving self-acceptance and spreading the light of compassion to others. Josie’s Argan Enlightenment Iluminizer is the same shade and fame as the original Argan Illuminizer. The only difference is a new and improved pump package and look.


My Experience with Josie Maran Argan Enlighten Illuminizer:

I have the Josie Maran Argan enlightment illumnizer in the powder, stick and this liquid version. I have reviewed the other two versions on IMBB already.

Packaging:  This liquid illuminizer comes in a tiny bottle with a pump. My bottle doesn’t come with a pump, it has a tiny stick dispenser which I like as pump can sometimes disperse too much, and as you know, with highlighters, you only need a tiny bit.

Makeup highlighter

Texture and Shade:  This product is a liquid highlight and is very similar to Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in the liquid version.  The texture is thin, but it is not runny. Since it is a liquid medium, you can even mix this in your foundation or wear it under the foundation for an all-over glow. I do like the effect it gives as it leaves my skin with an intense glow similar to the Becca shimmering skin perfector. The glow is due to a bunch of micro shimmer particles, but it also has some chunky glitter particles thrown in, which I do not like at all.

Josie Maran highlighter applicator

I do not like using this as a spot highlight on my cheeks and nose as I do find this a little bit difficult to blend evenly. It applied patchy and uneven. Since it is super glowy, it can leave an unnatural streak of shimmer on the cheeks.
The shade is very similar to Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizing Wand, but just the delivery mechanism is different. I like the former one more for highlighting. This shade is a beautiful peachy champagne gold similar to Becca Opal.

This shade will look great on light-deep skin tones, but if you are very pale, you should try out this product before buying as the very warm and peachy tone of this highlight might look too stark against fair skin tones.

Highlighter swatches

It feels quite smooth and silky on the skin. It is not greasy or tacky and does not cling to my dry patches. When used as an all-over face glow under or mixed with primer, it does accentuate the look of pores, so do use a pore-filling primer along with this product.


Overall, I am not a huge fan of this product. I prefer the Becca’s version a lot more and this one failed to impress me much. Though the glow it imparts is quite stunning, I am not a fan of the random chunky glitter particles it has and the fact that it is a bit difficult to blend on its own over foundation and does look streaky. Out of all the 3 versions of Josie Maran highlighters I have used, I like the wand/stick version the best.

Pros of Josie Maran Argan Enlighten Illuminizer:

  • Liquid highlight, can be used alone or mixed with foundation.
  • Beautiful peachy-champagne shade.
  • Super duper glowy finish.
  • Light texture.
  • Not greasy or sticky.
  • Does not cling to dry patches.

Cons of Josie Maran Argan Enlighten Illuminizer:

  • Random chunky glitter particles.
  • Difficult to blend on specific areas, can look streaky and uneven.
  • Does accentuate the look of pores.
  •  Becca version is a lot more better than this one.

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