Jouer Skinny Dip Long-Wear Lip Topper Review

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In my last Jouer haul, I picked up the ever popular and almost always sold out Jouer Skinny Dip Long-Wear Lip Topper. Read on to know more about my experience with this product.


Price: $16
Product Description:
Long-Wear Lip Topper™ with Coconut Oil. This weightless lip topper instantly refreshes and adds shimmer to your favourite lip colour. Wear alone or pair with Jouer Long-Wear Lip Creme.
Fill weight: 0.20 fl oz./ 5.9 mL​
Christina’s Tip:
Apply a thin layer over Long-Wear Lip Crème. Lip Color should be allowed to set before applying Lip Topper.

My Experience with Jouer Skinny Dip Long-Wear Lip Topper:

Similar to the lip crèmes by Jouer, this lip topper comes in a clear tube. This packaging is great to be able to spot the colour you want from your collection. I don’t like how tiny the top handle is, which at times can make it inconvenient to hold the wand comfortably. The wand applicator is a thin and precise doe foot one.


Texture, Usage and Feel on the Lips:
This lip topper is basically another name for a sparkly lip gloss. You apply this on bare lips or topped over any other lip product. This product is marketed specifically to pair with their lip cremes, i.e. liquid lipstick. I find the formula of this very comfortable and lightweight. It does not feel too thick or goopy on the lips. It is formulated with coconut oil and hence it instantly soothes and moisturises the lips, even when applied over liquid lipsticks, which by nature can be quite drying on the lips.

It takes away the look of flakiness which can come if you ever make a mistake of applying liquid lipstick over under prepped lips. This topper also completely changes the look by giving you beautiful, juicy-looking lips instead of flat matte lips. Hence, this makes this an ideal product to keep with you if you ever want to change your look on the go from day to night.

I find this product is great not only when paired with liquid lipsticks but with other regular lipsticks or lip liners as well. I don’t like the look of this over bare lips as I feel it needs some sort of a base colour to make it pop.


The shade Skinny Dip was the first lip topper released by Jouer; since then they have added 2 other shades to this range “Tan Lines” and “Frost Bite”. Skinny Dip is a shimmering metallic golden nude. True to its name, it is a highly sparkly and contains chunky visible pieces of shimmer which, along with the glossy clear base, give you multi-dimensional lips. If you are not a fan of any type of shimmer on your lips this product is not for you.

Due to the overwhelming presence of beige-gold shimmer, I find that this tends to lighten your lip color by 1-2 shades. Hence, if you are using this over an already light lipstick, it might give you sparkly zombie lips (which is just as bad as it sounds). The shimmers do feel a little gritty if you press your lips together, but not in an uncomfortable way.


Staying Power:
If you are using this over a liquid lipstick, it will take away its long wear and transfer proof nature. But thankfully, it does not seem to make it smear or bleed. The glossy look of the clear base tends to fade by 2nd or 3rd hour. But, the shimmer does stay adhered to the lipstick. Hence, still making your lips look glossy when the light catches it. It keeps my lips moisturised throughout the wear time.


I do like this product. While it does take some time to get accustomed to the overly sparkly nature of this product, the end result can be quite pretty and eye-catching. It’s also quite fun to use this and mix and match with different lip products from your kit to achieve different looks (see LOTD). I will recommend to product to everyone.




Pros of Jouer Skinny Dip Long-Wear Lip Topper:

⦁ Moisturising on dry lips
⦁ Highly reflective shimmering glossy look
⦁ Mix and match with different lip colours to achieve different looks
⦁ Helps reduce the drying and uncomfortable feel of liquid lipsticks
⦁ Delicious scent

Cons of Jouer Skinny Dip Long-Wear Lip Topper:

⦁ Not for those who do not like sparkly lips
⦁ Does lighten the lip colours by 1-2 shade
⦁ Does break down the transfer proof nature of liquid lipsticks

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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