Jovan Secret Amber Cologne Spray Review

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If makeup is a girl’s best friend, then perfume is her second best friend. I love buying and using nice perfumes. Unlike some of you, I don’t buy a perfume just for its pretty bottle, I buy the bottle if I like the smell. Last year, while I was at the Dubai international airport, I did some duty free shopping. As duty free is the best place to shop luxury goods, I bought one of the high-end perfumes that I had been eyeing and then bought some drugstore brand perfumes too. I have been a fan of Jovan musk from the very beginning, but at the airport, I saw some different fragrance variants from Jovan, which I had not seen in Indian stores before, so I bought those. Secret Amber by Jovan is an oriental-inspired fragrances released by Jovan in 2012.  Read on to know whether I liked this unisex fragrance or not:

Jovan Secret Amber Cologne Spray

I paid $8 for this fragrance (available at different costs across different shopping sites in India).

Product Description:
Luxuriate in the sensual warmth of Secret Amber, an elegant gourmand fragrance. As the fragrance unfolds, its unique elements are revealed by a timeless amber scent. A tantalising duo of ginger and nutmeg spices the top of the fragrance, adding a touch of intrigue. This melts into a rosy-cinnamon heart for a deliciously sensual sensation. Combined with sweet vanilla and soft musk, the secret amber adds all the depth to the warm and sophisticated fragrance.

Jovan Secret Amber Cologne Spray

My Experience with Jovan Secret Amber Cologne Spray:

As per the information provided on the product’s site, the fragrance features the top notes of nutmeg and ginger. The middle notes are cinnamon and rose with base notes of soft musk, vanilla and amber. When I first spray it on me, I smell woody notes on me strongly. It smells like sandalwood + amber mixed with spices to me. I am a fan of woody and musky, so I liked this unisex perfume.

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Jovan Secret Amber Cologne Spray

However, girls who are into sweet and flowery fragrances will not like this one. This is a strong fragrance which can give headache to people who like only light scents. I feel it is more apt to wear at nights and for winters as it’s a dark, warm fragrance. As claimed, it is actually an unisex fragrance which guys and girls both would love to wear (unless you like only girly, sweet fragrances).

Jovan Secret Amber Cologne Spray

There is nothing fancy about its packaging. It comes in a plain glass bottle with a metal cap, as all the other Jovan fragrances have.  The spray is sturdy and functional, the packaging is practical, and does not look cheap.

Jovan Secret Amber Cologne Spray

Talking about the staying power of this perfume, it stays for me for 2-3 hours really strong and then 1-2 hours – a faint smell lingers, which is not bad for a drugstore fragrance, but it’s not great either. Silage is moderate too.
Overall, it’s a good deal for girls who like strong woody + spicy fragrances. However, if strong scents give you headache, then stay away from this. I will recommend this as a good pocket-friendly gifting option for guys and girls, but not a must have.

Jovan Secret Amber Cologne Spray

Pros of Jovan Secret Amber Cologne Spray:

  • Strong woody + spicy scent.
  • Unisex.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Does not leave stains on clothes.
  • Does not irritate the skin.
  • Smells very close to some high-end designer perfumes.

Cons of Jovan Secret Amber Cologne Spray:

  • Can be too strong for some people.
  • People who don’t like the concept of unisex products will not appreciate it.
  • Staying power could have been better.
  • Availability in India is limited.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Jovan Secret Amber Cologne Spray?

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  1. I know what it smells like, all Jovan products smell the same to me. I like warm fragrances, so I think I might just like it.

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