Jovees Anti-Ageing Facial Kit Review

Hope you had a great Navratri, Durga Puja and Dussehra. I went home after a few months and I was elated. To prep up my skin and my mother’s just before the festivities, I had hauled on a few facial kits. Today’s review will be about Jovees Anti-Ageing Facial Kit.


Price: Rs. 225
Product Description:
The signs of ageing, which are resultant to the loss of collagen, include skin losing its elasticity and formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Our Anti-Ageing skin care facial helps stimulate the production of collagen thus mitigating and removing fine lines and wrinkles. This kit is loaded with antioxidants, which reduces the production of free radicals in the body and thus prevent aging.
The kit contains five products neatly arranged in a simple cardboard box. The minimal packaging is quite sleek and travel friendly, and much lighter in weight as compared to other kits I have used. 5 tubes of products are stacked in a row, and the white and green combination is very aesthetically pleasing. All product details are mentioned on the body.


My Experience with Jovees Anti-Ageing Facial Kit:

The kit has five components, let’s talk about each of them in detail.

Citrus and Blackberry Cleanser: This creamy cleanser takes off superficial dirt and oiliness, but doesn’t provide the squeaky clean feeling. It has a nice herbal smell. Skin feels soft and fresh.
Directions: Massage into the skin for two to three minutes and wash thoroughly with plain water or remove with wet cotton swabs.


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Black Plum and Curcuma De-Pigmentation Scrub: This is a gentle scrub which exfoliates without causing major abrasion against skin. I feel it is well suited for the delicate mature skin which can’t take the wear and tear caused by heavy scrubbing. It makes skin very clean and refreshed.
Directions: Apply all over face and neck and gently massage into the skin for two minutes and wash with plain water or use moist cotton swab to take it off.

Wheatgerm with Vitamin-E Face Massage Cream: It is a thick heavy cream which is very nourishing. Ageing dry skin will love the intense moisturization it provides. It goes on smoothly on skin and is great for a stimulating massage. Skin feels supple and hydrated.
Directions: Massage gently using circular strokes for 20 minutes using plain water or raw milk to massage into the skin. Remove with moist cotton swab or wash thoroughly with plain water.


Nutmeg and Rosemary Anti Pigmentation Blemish Face Mask: I have loved this mask from Jovees, when I had used it before. This mask, though a little drying, makes skin bright. It restores even skin and makes your skin texture better. Prolonged usage reduces acne scars, pigmentation and age spots.
Directions: Apply a thick layer all over face and neck. Leave on for 20 minutes. Wash with plain water or remove with moist cotton swab.

Essence of Saffron Anti Pigmentation Blemish Cream: This lightweight cream is meant to be left on. This cream gives a velvety matte feel to skin. Skin looks very polished and radiant. Just after 1 use I could see a clear bright complexion.
Directions: Apply a small amount of cream on face and neck. Leave on.


By now you must have understood I really liked this facial kit. The drawback is that the quantity is less. Especially the face pack tends to get over in barely two uses. Nonetheless this is a nice one to treat your skin.


Pros of Jovees Anti-Ageing Facial Kit:

⦁ Simple sleek packaging
⦁ Budget friendly
⦁ Contains botanical extracts
⦁ Skin looks soft and bright
⦁ Good for ageing skin
⦁ Works well on uneven and dull skin

Cons of Jovees Anti-Ageing Facial Kit:

⦁ Quantity could be a little more

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Jovees Anti-Ageing Facial Kit?

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