Jovees Apple and Vera Face Massage Gel – Review

Jovees Apple and Vera Face Massage Gel – Review

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So, today am here to review Jovees Apple and Vera Face Massage Gel. This face massage gel was suggested to me by a pushy SA of Jovees with guarantee that its going  to work. It’s a massage gel that is supposed to be used for massage during a facial sitting or a face massage. As the product is specially formulated for oily skin, I picked it up for minor breakouts due to my excessive use of almond oil and milk cream in winters.

What Company Says:-

Jovees Apple and Vera Face Massage Gel

About The Product:-

Oily skin needs special care as it is prone to pimples. Jovees Apple & Vera massage gel has been specially developed for oily skin which will provide requisite moisture balance to the skin. An excellent natural recipe to improve skin texture and making it visibly fairer and radiant.

Method Of Use:-

Apply all over face and neck. Massage gently for 15-20 minutes using outwards and inwards strokes. Remove with moist cotton swab and wash thoroughly with plain water.

Active Ingredients:-

Aloe vera, Apple Green ext., Cucumber ext. and Honey.


MRP is Rs. 185, I got it for Rs. 170


This cream comes in a cute tub with an extra lid to avoid spillage. The packing is nice but I personally don’t like tub packing.

Jovees Apple & vera Face Massage gel (3)



My Experience with Jovees Apple and Vera Face Massage Gel:

The gel has nice consistency making it easier to massage, hands glide on smoothly while massaging. It smells of green apple (kinda citric smell) but the smell is not overwhelming. I have normal to oily skin. I have used it 4-5 times and have kept it aside as of now. No doubt it gives you super soft skin. I love touching my skin after I use this gel but it always breaks me out.

I believe no product on earth can change your colour but the gel is fulfilling the purpose of providing required moisture balance, giving softer skin. Though the product is formulated for oily skinned people, I felt like the product may work good for dry skinned beauties as it is breaking me out. My mom (has oily skin) also got minor break outs after using this gel. I won’t recommend this gel to oily-skinned beauties while I can say dry skin can give it a shot. But I feel  Jovees’ products never work for me.

Jovees Apple & vera Face Massage gel (2)

Pros Of Jovees Apple and Vera Face Massage Gel:

  • Very Nice Consistency.
  • Reasonably Priced.
  • Gives Super Soft Skin.

Cons Of Jovees Apple and Vera Face Massage Gel:

  • Breaks me out 🙁
  • Tub packaging.

Jovees Apple & vera Face Massage gel (4)
IMBB Rating:

2.5/5 (for extremely soft skin and it may work for dry skin).

Will I Buy Jovees Apple and Vera Face Massage Gel again?


I hope you liked my post, your suggestions are welcome!

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13 thoughts on “Jovees Apple and Vera Face Massage Gel – Review

  1. I love jovees products.. And I think they work very well for me. I am currently using JOvees white germ cream and since it is a lill dificult to sink in, I am looking for a massage gel. Will try it. 🙂 I have dry to normal skin so I think this should work for me! 😀

  2. Oh, sad that it didn’t work out for you. I also bought it last month. I always get breakouts (severe acne case), but this didn’t seem to increase them. What it did for me was that it gave a nice noticeable glow to my face for the rest of the day. So, I will keep using this before any parties 🙂

    1. ya it gives you super soft and glowy skin but its giving me tits, same are the results on my mum’s skin…
      its nice it hasnt disappointed ya..

  3. I bought this last month….when i opened it, i found a tiny black spot (size of a mole) in the gel !!
    what should i assume ?! should i throw it or use it ? *scared* i have oily skin & this gel was suggested to me by SA *headbang*

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