Jovees Argan Kernel Oil Hair Repair Conditioner Review

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Back with a review today, I will share my experience of using Jovees Argan Kernel Oil Hair Repair Conditioner. Read on to know more.


Price: Rs. 320 for 250 ml

Product Description:
This is a unique conditioning formula with Argan Kernel Oil. Ginger root extract, Oat Straw extract, Parsley Flower extract and other naturally derived ingredients help repair and re-moisturize damaged hair, infusing it anew with healthy movement, silkiness and shine. It also helps hair weakened by environmental exposure, heat styling. Its high quality ingredients help strength and repair hair from inside out.

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My Experience with Jovees Argan Kernel Oil Hair Repair Conditioner:

Packaging: The packaging is attractive, with a sturdy cream bottle and golden cap. The cap is flip-open type and securely closes with a click. The bottle is translucent and you can see the amount of product remaining if you hold it against light. The packaging is travel safe.

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This repair conditioner seemed like an answer to my prayers. Come winters, and my normally dry hair turn rough and unmanageable and I was hoping it to be a savior.
The conditioner is of the right consistency, with a faint pleasant smell. Being neither too runny nor too thick, I find it easy to spread on my hair shaft. It is easy to wash off too, and I don’t need to wait for much time to have a clean hair.


Coming to the efficacy of the product, it absolutely did NOTHING for my hair. The tall claims are a bluff, and I am utterly disappointed. My normal Dove and favorite Matrix Opticare conditioners work so much better than this. It neither hydrated my tresses, nor made them soft, bouncy, silky – anything that I expect a conditioner to do. I mean I don’t understand how can a product not do anything? There is simply no change. I thought maybe I need to wait for some time before I could see signs of damage repair. Well, no luck yet.


It has been a couple of months, and I am still waiting for this to do something! I feel I threw all the money down the drain, as I have seen better performers at half the price. I would recommend Organix, Matrix or Herbal Essences any day over this one, as this is not worth the price. I still have more than half of the bottle left, and I will find other uses of conditioner.

Pros of Jovees Argan Kernel Oil Hair Repair Conditioner:

• Travel friendly bottle.
• Attractive packaging.
• Pleasant smell.
• Right consistency.

Cons of Jovees Argan Kernel Oil Hair Repair Conditioner:

• Doesn’t make hair soft smooth or anything.
• No observable results.
• Pricey.

IMBB Rating: 2/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Jovees Argan Kernel Oil Hair Repair Conditioner?
A resounding NO!

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  1. I just tried Jovees anti hair fall shampoo (can’t recall d name).and it was a complete dud for me.It turned my hair like a sookha jhaadu.After that I never ever trusted Jovees..

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