Jovees Ayurvedic De-Tan Scrub Review

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The monsoon is just so gloomy and I do not feel like doing anything energetic. I just want to snuggle in and sip a hot cup of coffee while I enjoy my favourite movie 😀 So coming to today’s product, it is a scrub that claims to remove tan. Let’s know more.

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Price: 105 INR for 50g

Claims, usage and ingredients:

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My experience with Jovees Ayurvedic De-Tan Scrub :

The summers have left me with a bad tan and I was unable to maintain since I was held up with my examinations. The scrub comes in a normal tube packaging that is pretty convenient to use and carry around. The flip-cap shuts and has a nozzle to dispense the product.

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The base of the scrub is white in color and the texture is creamy and smooth. I really do not know what the issue with the fragrance with most scrubs is, they are just unpleasant! I just hate the smell of this one too. I have changed a lot of scrubs in the past owing to the unbearable, weird smells. This one too, does not differ. The base has brown coloured granules that are coarse enough to exfoliate well. Since I am having oily skin right now, it does not dry me out. The granules are not too coarse to be harsh on skin.

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It has an array of ingredients that are super beneficial to the skin and the list is given in detail. I do not have major tan on my face so it has worked fine for me in two weeks of use. I have severely tanned arms, so I am thinking of using it there instead! 😀 I do not know how it may work for extreme tan on the face. It does induce a light radiance and makes the skin soft. It does not leave any weird feeling behind that most scrubs do. In a nutshell, I really like this scrub except for the weird smell. Otherwise it does a pretty decent job in lightening tan.

Pros of Jovees Ayurvedic De-Tan Scrub :

• Convenient tube packaging.
• Detailed ingredient list is given.
• It has an array of friendly ingredient list.
• The texture of the scrub is creamy and smooth.
• The granules are not harsh on the skin.
• Exfoliates well.
• Lightens tan with regular use.
• Affordable.

Cons of Jovees Ayurvedic De-Tan Scrub :

• I hate the smell.
• May feel drying to beauties with dry skin.

IMBB Rating: 3.8/5

Would I recommend/re-purchase Jovees Ayurvedic De-Tan Scrub ?
It is a pretty decent scrub that does what it claims, to an extent. I don’t think I would purchase it again because of the smell! :-/

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  1. Oh boy i was in search of an affordable de tan cream but i dont think ill be able to handle the smell! Nice review 🙂

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