Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Creme Review



Skin type: Oily and sensitive

Hello ladies!

Jovees has recently launched a Bridal skin care collection with face wash, creme, and masque. Now, let’s get into the details of the Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Creme.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Creme Review

Price: Rs.265 for 50g
Product Description:
Awaken each day with a brighter outlook and brighter skin. This Bridal Brightening Face Crème produced using latest scientific processes, contains a potent Turmeric Extract, along with powerful plant and herbal extracts which work together leaving skin luminous and radiant, also helps to support skin’s natural repair processes that happen at night.
Method of Use:
Works during the night, a key time for skin’s natural repair. Before going to bed, wash your face and then apply a small quantity all over face and neck. Leave on.

Active Ingredients:
Turmeric Root Extract, Strawberry Fruit Juice, Papaya Fruit Juice, Watermelon Fruit Juice, Honey, Lemon Fruit Juice, Grape Fruit Juice, Jojoba Oil, Ginseng Root Extract.

My Experience with Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Creme:

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Creme Review Tubes

This entire range comes in a pretty red tube with a golden cap that secures the product perfectly. It looks nice and has a wedding touch. This tube is easy to carry around and affordable as well.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Creme Review

This cream has a pretty floral smell like rose and it actually feels so beautiful. I love this luxurious smell. Now, the texture is medium creamy that glides so well. It easily spreads on the skin which gets absorbed quickly. It leaves skin velvety matte and shine-free as well. It is good for my oily skin that controls oil too. It’s not a heavy thick cream but you can feel something on the face. Initially, it leaves a white cast on the face which disappears after a few minutes. It instantly adds a fresh bright glow to the skin that is good to remove dullness from it. But that instant brightness is a temporary result and doesn’t last.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Creme Review Open

Basically, they describe to use it at night and it will help to repair the skin as well. I used it at night and on the next morning, it provided me a soft, smooth fresh skin that looked really clear too. After using it for a few weeks, I can see some difference in my skin and it looks quite even and bright as well. It effectively reduces that dullness and adds a radiant glow but you have to wait for the best results. I mean, it can’t completely reduce dark spots or blemishes. As I don’t have many problems, so, it helps to repair my skin with regular usage and helps to fade away light spots.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Creme Review Nozzle

To my oily skin, it does provide decent hydration and keeps it soft. This entire range is perfect for normal to oily skin but not best for dry skin. Especially during this dry season, skin needs more moisturization which it can’t provide properly. It can’t repair dry patches either. Though I have oily skin, I still prefer more hydrating cream for night. It will work better during summer.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Creme Review Cream

Overall, it suits my sensitive skin well without breaking me out. For its price, it is a nice face cream for that clear bright glow on skin and it leaves the skin non-oily. Those who prefer a matte night cream, it is good for them.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Creme Review Swatch

Pros of Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Creme:

• Nice packaging and affordable
• Beautiful floral fragrance
• Creamy texture spreads evenly on skin
• Leaves skin velvety matte and shine-free
• Decently hydrates oily skin
• Skin appears smooth and fresh
• Erase dullness and provides clear look
• Regular usage adds bright radiant glow
• Regular usage helps to repair skin
• Suits sensitive skin

Cons of Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Creme:

• Initially, leaves a white cast but it doesn’t stay for long
• Not enough hydrating
• Can’t reduce dark spots completely
• As a night cream, can’t repair dryness

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Creme?
Yes, I recommend this but I prefer a more hydrating cream as my night moisturizer. It is best for summer.

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