Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Masque Review

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Skin Type: Oily and Sensitive
Hello Ladies!

Jovees has recently launched Bridal skin care collection with face wash, cream and masque. Though I am not going to be a bride, I have lots of invitations this year. So, I gave this a try to get a radiance glow on my skin. Now, let’s get into the details of Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Masque.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Masque Review

Product Description and Ingredients:
An ultra-rich cream based Face Masque produced through scientific processes and infused potent Turmeric Extract, Sandalwood, Liquorice along with other precious herbal extracts and botanicals that shall help bring radiance and glow to your skin. It shall gently help shed dull, lackluster surface cells, leaving skin luminous and radiant. It shall leave your skin vibrant and even toned.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Masque Review Entire range

Method of Use:
Apply sufficient quantity all over face and neck. Leave on for 20-25 minutes and rinse off with plain water. Use twice a week for optimum results.

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Active Ingredients:
Turmeric Powder, Liquorice Root Extract, Dry Orange Peel Powder, Sandalwood Powder, Olive Oil, Rice Powder, Lacto Powder, Honey, Chick Pea Flour.
Recommended For: All Skin

INR 245 for 100g

My Experience with Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Masque:

This entire range comes in a pretty red tube with a golden cap, that secures the product perfectly. It looks nice and has a wedding touch on the tube. This tube is easy to carry around and affordable as well.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Masque Review Tube

The face masque has pretty floral smell like rose and it actually feels so beautiful. I love this luxurious smell. Now, the texture is medium creamy that glides so well. It easily spreads on the skin and evenly covers up my face with a decent amount of product. It also dries out quickly within 10-15 minutes, but I always prefer to keep it for 25 minutes and then rinse it off. It easily goes off with normal water, without any stain leaving behind.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Masque Review Cap Open

As a brightening radiance face masque, it pulls out the excess oil the from face deeply and makes the skin clear, fresh and oil-free with a full matte finish. It also shrinks my pores to a decent extent and keeps the skin oil-free for a good amount of time. It provides decent hydration to the skin and keeps the skin soft and smooth. But, the hydration is not enough for dry skin.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Masque Review Dispenser

This entire range is effective to reduce the dull texture and brings back the natural bright glow on the skin. It does it’s job very well to make the skin radiant and bright. It is not so effective on other skin problems like spots or blemishes, but it instantly adds a bright healthy look. My skin looks tighter and youthful as well.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Masque Review Packaging

If you are a bride or a guest, it is really a good masque to get an instant glow on the skin, that lasts for around two to three days. Regular usage will make some changes on skin and effectively reduces that dullness. Also, it suits my sensitive skin well without breaking me out. Maybe it can’t make skin luminous like its claim, but overall, it is a nice face masque, which adds an instant glow to the skin and I love its fresh matte look. According to its price, it is a nice face masque to use at home, that gives a facial like glow.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Masque Review Mask in Hand

Pros of Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Masque:

Nice packaging and affordable.
Beautiful floral fragrance.
Creamy texture that spreads evenly on skin.
Removes excess oil from face and provides matte look.
Decently hydrates oily skin.
Skin appears smoother, softer and healthier.
Erases dullness and skin looks very clear.
Provides a bright radiance glow to the skin.
Gives perfect instant bright glow like facial.
Glow lasts for three days and shows result with regular usage.
Suits on sensitive skin.

Cons of Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Masque:

Not hydrating enough for dry skin.
Not that effective on spots or blemishes.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Repurchase/ Recommend Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Masque?
Yes to both.

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