Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Scrub Review

Skin Type: Dry and occasionally acne-prone
Skin Colour: Fair with neutral undertones

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The Jovees Bridal Skin series launched a couple of skincare products- Face cream, Face wash, Face scrub and Face Masque. Except the face scrub, all the other products have been reviewed on IMBB. I have to attend an engagement party of a close friend this month. I stay in a metropolitan city and my skin has become dull lately. And, you definitely cannot go with dull skin for a festive event. I spotted the bridal series face scrub from Jovees and wanted to try it out for instant results. Read on the product review to know how it fared for me.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Scrub Review

Product Description:
Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Scrub is a gentle and non-abrasive scrub developed using high quality ingredients for daily use. It shall help in removing spent surface cells and blackheads, revealing a smoother and clearer surface, giving you a refined complexion. It also works to prepare skin for makeup application.
Gently removes dirt and dead skin
Reveals softer and smoother skin
Skin looks fresh and bright
Suitable for all skin types

Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Scrub Details

Pearl Millet Flour, Buckwheat Seed Flour, Honey, Yogurt, Turmeric Powder, Mulethi Root Powder, Red Lentil Powder, Amaranth Flour and Vitamin C.

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Directions for Use:
Massage onto moist face and neck with fingertips for 3-4 minutes and wash face with plain water. Pat dry.

INR 245 for 100 g

My Experience with Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Scrub:

Packaging: Probably going by the theme that an Indian bride mostly prefers red and gold colours, the brand has launched the packaging of the bridal range in red and golden color body. This facial scrub comes in red coloured tube with a golden cap on it. Initially, it comes sealed with a silver covering to prevent tampering with the packaging. The cap is a regular screw-on cap that closes securely in place. There is no unwanted spillage of the product. The brand name and product details are written in golden fonts which give a luxurious and classy feel to the packaging. The size of the tube is medium and it can be carried easily while you are travelling. Overall, I love the packaging of the product and it is travel-friendly too.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Scrub Packaging

Color and Fragrance: The facial scrub is white in colour and has fine red granules in it. When applied on the skin, it spreads quite evenly to cover the entire face. The fragrance is of roses and it gives a luxurious feel to the formulation. The smell is heavenly and very soothing to the senses. For me, the smell is not bothering at all, but if you are not fond of fragrances in facial products, it could be overwhelming to you. This fragrance does not linger around after you have washed your face. So, I’m sure it will not be a concern for people with sensitive noses too.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Scrub Tube

Consistency: The ingredient list contains all natural ingredients which work well to remove dead skin cells without being harsh on the skin. The product has thick consistency just like other normal scrubs. Since the consistency is thick, there will be no unwanted wastage of product. The fine scrub granules feel non-coarse on skin while massaging. After applying the scrub, these granules do not disappear to get absorbed into the skin completely. You will experience a gentle dead skin cell peel off treatment. Those who have sensitive skin will enjoy a luxurious skin exfoliation treatment.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Scrub Cap Open

How I Use it: Usually before I begin the process of scrubbing, I use a steam treatment on my skin so that the pores get loosened up easily. This also helps in easy removal of blackheads and whiteheads. Following that, I take a pea-sized amount of the product and massage on my face in circular upward directions for about 5 minutes. After keeping for more than a minute, I use my blackhead removing tool to get rid of these unwanted blackheads and whiteheads. My skin has tendency of whitehead accumulation near the nose and chin area, so I focus on these areas more. Then, I wash off the product with lukewarm water. This product is easy to rinse off as well.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Scrub in Hand

Results: Well, I must say I loved using this facial scrub. From the very first application, I began noticing the results. My skin looks so tired during summer days and this gentle scrub does its job pretty well in making my skin clean and fresh. It leaves my skin so soft, smooth and moisturised. All dead cells are gone and my skin feels renewed. It unclogs pores and removes dirt and impurities effectively.

Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Scrub Hand Swatch

This facial scrub gives an instant radiance to the skin. It even brightened and refined my skin to a great extent. This effect lasts for about 4-5 days. I have a tendency of having dry patches after using a scrub. But this scrub provides good hydration and it did not dry out my skin. This gentle scrub is well suited for dry skin beauties. If you still want that extra hydration, you can follow up with any moisturiser. This scrub works well as a base skin treatment before starting off with bridal makeup application.

I would not say it works well with tough blackheads (as claimed by the product), but it surely removed my whiteheads properly. With regular use, the results will be more promising. I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and my skin feels more rejuvenated and radiant. In addition to that, it suited my skin well and did not break me out. In a nutshell, I have no complaints with this product except that it is not successful at removing blackheads. Though it did not give that luminous glow on the face as the product claims, it definitely works well in removing surface cells for a smoother and brighter complexion. Overall, I am happy with the product.

Overall: The product works well as a brightening scrub and gives instant glow to my skin. If you are in a hurry to go to a party and do not have time for a salon treatment, this facial scrub could be your true savior. You will get results instantly and at the comfort of your home without investing much. The price point is also not very high and the quantity is decent as well. Overall, I loved this product and I would like to repurchase it again.

Pros of Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Scrub:

  • Travel-friendly.
  • Made from extracts of pearl powder and other herbal ingredients.
  • Luxurious formulation.
  • Easy and more gentle compared to other face scrubs.
  • Leaves skin moisturised.
  • Peels off dead skin cells effectively.
  • Makes skin soft, smooth and supple.
  • Fragrance that does not linger around.
  • Great for sensitive skin beauties.
  • Does not leave any residue or dry feeling post usage.
  • Brightens and lightens the skin.
  • Removed white heads.
  • Instant solution to bright and clear skin.
  • Great for to-be brides.

Cons of Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Scrub:

  • Not good in removing blackheads.
  • Fragrance can be bothering to some.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Jovees Bridal Brightening Ultra Radiance Face Scrub?
Certainly, yes to both.

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