Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk-Review

Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk-Review

Adwitiya D.C.

Hello Beauties,

Today I am going to review “Jovees Citrus Cleansing.Milk” for normal to dry skin. My sister got this cleansing milk for herself recently. I hadn’t tried any Jovees product before, so I decided to give it a try. It’s been two months my sister and me have been using this product and I am pretty happy with this product.

Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk

What it claims:

Jovees citrus cleansing milk contains precious herbal extracts that cleanses skin in depth, help to achieve a clear matte-look skin. It keeps the complexion pure and even-toned all day long.

Method of use:

Apply all over face, neck. Massage gently for 2-3 minutes with finger tips using circular strokes. Remove with moist cotton or rinse thoroughly with water. Follow with Jovees White Water Lily moisturizing lotion.

Active Ingredients: Lemon ext., Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil.


Rs.245 for 200 ml.

Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk2

The product comes in a white bottle with a pump dispenser. I like the plain and simple packaging. And the pump dispenser ensures I don’t take out excess product.

My experience with Jovees Citrus Cleansing Mik:

Though this cleanser is meant for normal to dry skin, it did suit my oily skin as well. It removes dirt and makeup (like foundation and concealer) off the face properly. But removing eye-makeup with this cleanser is a bit of a challenge. You have to be really patient and keep massaging the eye area for 5-6 minutes to dissolve the makeup. So I feel it’s much more convenient and time-saving to remove the eye makeup with olive oil, rather than using this cleanser. One thing I have noticed about this product is that, if I remove my makeup with olive oil first and then use this cleanser, it removes all the excess olive oil from my face very easily. It does not leave the face greasy nor does it dry up the skin after the product is wiped off. The smell might be a little overpowering for some, but I like the citrus-y smell of it.

Pros of Jovees Cleansing Milk:

1. It is gentle on the skin. It didn’t cause any sort of irritation or allergic reaction on the skin.
2. Skin didn’t feel dry as it usually feels after using any regular face wash.
3. Removes dirt and makeup from the skin. It successfully removed my Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner, Lakme Glide on Eyeliner and Lakme Eye Color Quartet (refer picture below). Additionally it also removed foundation and concealer off my face.
4. It dissolves excess oil off the face.
5. It gives a toned and matte look the moment you wash/ wipe off the product. But there is a downside to it as well.(Refer the “cons” section)
6. I like the smell of the product.
7. At Rs.245 for 200 ml, I think it’s definitely affordable.

Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk1

Cons of Jovees Citrus Cleansing Milk:

1. The ingredient list is not complete.
2. Contrary to their claim, the matte and toned look does not last all day long.
3. Removing makeup takes too much time.

Would I buy it again?

No. It is an average cleanser with nothing really great about it. Removing eye-makeup with it is a hassle and the incomplete ingredient list really bugs me. With other better options available in the market, I would never try this out again.

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