Jovees Essence of Soya Active Protein Face Mask

Jovees Essence of Soya Active Protein Face Mask

BY Shridevi Bhat

I have had quite good experience with Jovees products in the past (Jovees Apricot & Almond Facial Scrub and Jovees Papaya & Honey Facial scrub) and quite liked them. So when I was wandering in the aisles of Spencer s about 10 days back, this particular face mask caught my attention and without much thinking I put it in my shopping cart.

Jovees Essence of Soya Active Protein Face Mask

About Jovees Essence of Soya Active Protein Face Mask

A powerful nourishing and texturing face mask reinforced with natural extracts of almond, sandalwood, soya along with other precious botanical extracts that tighten the pores, improves skin texture & brings a natural porcelain like glow to the skin.
Method of use
Clean face preferably with Jovees Citrus Cleansing cream and pat dry. Apply a thick layer evenly all over face and neck. Leave on for 25 minutes. Wash thoroughly with water. Stir well before use. Use once a week. Follow with Jovees Day Cream.
Active Ingredients:

Almond, Honey, Wheat, Milk, Soya.


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Rs.170 for 125gms

My Experience with Jovees Essence of Soya Active Protein Face Mask:

The packaging is very ordinary and the print on the jar looks a little old-fashioned. This pack comes in a white wide mouthed jar. When youopen the lid, you can see there is another protective lid inside to prevent spilling. Well, I would say the lid inside is pretty useless because, there is no way this mask can spill! It is so thick and so viscous, it cannot spill until you deliberately scoop it and throw it out. Even if you hold the jar upside down for a minute, it does not budge. I even tried to shake the jar vigorously to see if it moves. No ma’am it does not budge. Lol,Also, the pack says ‘Stir well before use’. This cannot be stirred! Maybe they meant dilute and stir!
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Okay, enough ranting about the texture.The cream is light brown in color( No it does not remind me of chocolate ice cream 😛 that’s a different brown ) .It does not have any significant fragrance. I mean it doesn’t really smell of anything I can compare with, but somehow it reminds me of Himalaya Fruit Pack.

When I applied it, it stung. Not as much as Himalaya Fruit Pack but yes it did sting considerably. This pack started drying off on my face within the first five minutes and the stinging subsided as it dried. I sprayed on some Fabindia rose water. It stung again. Also being so thick made it a little difficult to apply and tugged my skin a little. Maybe I should have mixed water/rose water before applying. I noticed that even after spraying rose water on my face it started drying quickly again. Though the pack says we need to keep it for 25 minutes, I could keep it for 15 min total because by then the pack had completely dried off and started giving me a stretchy feel.It was a little difficult to wash off and gave a slightly slimy feel during washing. But after washing it off, it did not dry out my skin and pores definitely looked smaller. My skin felt moisturized and there was no need to follow up with a moisturizer. There was no glow or anything as mentioned on the pack.

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To summarize

Pros of Jovees Essence of Soya Active Protein Face Mask:

– Tightens pores as it claims.
– Does not dry out the skin, in fact skin looks moisturized after washing it off.
– Not at all expensive.
– No strong fragrance.

Cons of Jovees Essence of Soya Active Protein Face Mask:

– It stings.
– Pack dries off too quickly.
– No glow, contrary to their claim.
– The super viscous consistency is a big turn off.
– Unattractive packaging.
– Comes in a tub, a tube would have been more hygienic (oh wait, the consistency is so viscous the seams of the tube would tear in the process of squeezing the product out lol).

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IMBB Rating

2.8/5 (-1 for the stinging,-1 for texture, packaging. Ok, 3 still seems high for so much hassle of trying to keep it moist while on the face. So I go with 2.8)

Do I recommend Jovees Essence of Soya Active Protein Face Mask?

No! In my opinion, when we use face packs/masks it’s not only about the results, but also experience. A soothing, relaxing feeling that some packs give(I am absolutely in love with Aroma Magic Sea Weed Pack and ‘I Love…Strawberry ’ pack for this) is always welcome.Even though it tightens pores and moisturizes the skin, there are so many good products out there which give much better results, minus so many hassles. This one can be clearly given a miss.

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