Jovees Hair Regrowth Argan Kernel Oil Review

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Hey, guys!

Today’s review will be on a hair regrowth oil by Jovees. Let’s see how it fared for me!

Jovees Hair Regrowth Argan Kernel Oil Review

Price: Rs 265 for 100ml
Product Description:
Jovees Hair Regrowth Argan Kernel Oil Review Packaging

My Experience with Jovees Hair Regrowth Argan Kernel Oil Review:

Jovees Hair Regrowth Argan Kernel Oil Review Packaging

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This hair oil comes in a transparent bottle, although it looks like that the bottle is green tinted, but it is not. The oil inside is greenish in color. It has a golden cap and a plastic stopper. The bottle isn’t leak proof because it does leak a bit, even with the stopper and the cap on. The details are printed in white all over the bottle. The bottle obviously isn’t safe for travel purposes.

Jovees Hair Regrowth Argan Kernel Oil Review Close up

The oil is lightweight and has a herbal fragrance to it. I like the smell and it doesn’t bother me. It mostly smells like amla oil and I like it. The oil isn’t too sticky and is very light. It is slightly on the runnier side. I apply the oil directly to my roots and then massage it very well.

The first time I used this oil, I applied a lot of it and let it stay for overnight. The next day, I washed it off with my shampoo and it gave me the silkiest, shiny, soft and velvety hair. My hair looked perfect and I was smitten by this oil. I did not even use my hair serum and yet my hair looked super silky. I was in awe of this oil. My hair felt and looked perfect for the next 4 days, even though I used to work out every single day. My hair did not feel oily or greasy for 4 whole days.

Jovees Hair Regrowth Argan Kernel Oil Review full

The fifth day, my hair felt a bit flat so I used this oil again. This time, I used a different shampoo and my hair felt good but not as good as the first time. So, I used it once again with the same shampoo I used for the first time. But I did not get the same results. My hair feels and looks nice, but the result is never as before. I’m super confused as to why this is happening. I’ve almost used the bottle but I’m unable to figure this oil out.

Jovees Hair Regrowth Argan Kernel Oil Review Side

I’ve used this oil 5-6 times now and the results are just mediocre. In fact, I think my hair fall has started again due to this oil. All these days, I used a different oil which helped curb my hair fall and now it is back. Funny, how it says it is meant for hair regrowth! But it does make my hair feel healthy for 2-3 days and adds nice volume to my hair.

Pros of Jovees Hair Regrowth Argan Kernel Oil:

  • Contains olive oil, amla and argan oil along with other ingredients
  • Makes your hair softer and shinier
  • Adds nice volume to the hair
  • Hair looks healthy for 2-3 days
  • My hair doesn’t get tangled easily
  • Makes my hair more manageable
  • My hair feels nourished and silky

Cons of Jovees Hair Regrowth Argan Kernel Oil:

  • The results aren’t the same with each use
  • I think it is causing hair fall, although I’m not sure
  • The bottle leaks if kept horizontally
  • Doesn’t regrow your hair

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Jovees Hair Regrowth Argan Kernel Oil?
I would have definitely repurchased it if it had given me the same results consistently. But it didn’t, so no, I wouldn’t repurchase it. Though, I would recommend it to you.

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