Jovees Honey and Apple Conditioning Shampoo Review

Jovees Honey and Apple Conditioning Shampoo

Hello lovelies!

Its been a while I’ve written for IMBB because of some interviews lined up and then my besties wedding. I missed a lot out here in the past 2 weeks, but here I am… back with a review for jovees shampoo. I’ve already mentioned in my previous post how this particular brand has been a repeated failure for me and I promised myself never to buy it again! But then an MR gifted me two of its products, signature kajal and honey apple shampoo. I’ve already reviewed the kajal, it’s the shampoo’s turn now.

Jovees Honey and Apple Conditioning Shampoo

jovees herbal conditioning shampoo developed scientifically, helps to preserve the integrity of the herbs thus giving optimum results. A herbal preparation containing aloe vera, honey, apple and other natural ingredients that aids in strengthening hair roots while adding body, volume and lustre to hair.

For all hair types

INGREDIENTS: honey, apple, aloe vera (they’ve only mentioned active ingredients)
Price: INR 175 for 250ml

Jovees Honey and Apple Conditioning Shampoo3

My experience with Jovees Honey and Apple Conditioning Shampoo

I have extremely oily scalp which needs to be shampooed everyday in summers, and alternatively in winters. These days I’m hooked on to organix tea tree range but since I had to review it here, I parted away with organix except on weekends and some special outing days. It comes in a white bottle with green flip-open cap. the bottle is bulky and not suitable for travelling purpose. The shampoo is in gel form which is peachy in color with mild herbal frangrance. The fragrance is quite pleasing and disappears as soon as you step out of shower. A small amount produces good enoughlather which suggests presence of SLS which is not mentioned on the ingredient list. Though I was quite pleased with the results! It cleansed my oily scalp really well in just one wash. but I need to use it twice when I have oil in my hairs. I skipped the conditioner because it says conditioning shampoo and anyways I don’t use conditioners that frequently! The claims of bounce and adding volume to hairs is totally true. Since I have limp flat straight hairs, I’m always on a lookout for such shampoos and this is definitely one such budget shampoo. Also it steers clear the oil from my scalp for good 2 days. Though this might not work that well in summers, its definitely a good choice for winters.

Jovees Honey and Apple Conditioning Shampoo2

Pros of Jovees Honey and Apple Conditioning Shampoo

• Budget friendly
• Herbal
• Washes away oil from scalp quite well
• Adds bounce and volume
• Good option for oily scalp people when they want to skip conditioner in hurry
• Mild herbal smell

Jovees Honey and Apple Conditioning Shampoo4
Cons of Jovees Honey and Apple Conditioning Shampoo

• With that price, I don’t really find any con! Except that dry scalp cannot use it without conditioner. Also oily scalp people who suffer from fraying hairs will need to use conditioner on the ends.

Jovees Honey and Apple Conditioning Shampoo5

Will I Recommend Jovees Honey and Apple Conditioning Shampoo?

yes I will definitely! but only to people with oily scalp in this weather.

WILL I buy Jovees Honey and Apple Conditioning Shampoo again?

I don’t think so because I’m totally fixed to organix and loreal professional shampoos. Unless ofcourse I’m getting it for free again 😛


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  1. Something with a blend of honey and apple sounds good *woot* *woot* but i have just got addicted to organix *happy dance* *happy dance* niceeeeee review and good to have you back *hifive* *hifive*

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