Jovees Honey and Grape Hand and Body Lotion Review

Jovees Honey and Grape Hand and Body Lotion Review

Jovees Honey and Grape Hand and Body Lotion was the first purchase I ever made from the house of Jovees. Actually, I was looking for a mild body lotion that would take care of after-bath dryness in an effective way, without making my skin feel greasy or sweaty. As I was browsing through the cosmetics and beauty products section in a Big Bazaar outlet a few months back, this particular body lotion attracted my attention. Somehow, instinctively, I felt that the product would be able to take care of my needs and this is how, I ended up buying Jovees Honey and Grape Hand and Body Lotion.

Jovees Hand Body Lotion

What Does The Product Claim?

To quote from what is printed on the bottle, the ‘Jovees Hand And Body Lotion is specially formulated to protect skin from harmful effects of tap water, synthetic soaps and harsh weather conditions. It is a unique blend of Honey, Almond oil, Wheat Germ oil, Aloe Vera and Grape ext. This lotion does not disappear or evaporate after application. The natural oils, emollients and herbal extracts are easily absorbed in the skin to protect and keep it soft, smooth and fresh for hours.’

Methods Of Use:

As specified in the ‘method of use’ section, it should be applied all over body and hands after bath and left on.

Active Ingredients:

Honey, Aloe Vera ext, Grape ext, Almond Oil. (The complete list of ingredients is not provided)


Rs 240 for 200 ml.

Shelf Life:

It is best when used within three years from the date of manufacture.

My Experience with Jovees Hand and Body Lotion:

To be very specific, my experience has been a satisfying one. Though it is not possible for me to ensure or measure how far it has been efficient in protecting the skin from the harmful effects of tap water, synthetic soaps and harsh weather conditions (as claimed by the product), it is successful in making my body feel moisturized the whole day. I also like the mild, lingering smell that the body lotion has. Even during summers, my skin is in need of a moisturizing formula and this lotion is excellent in keeping my skin soft and hydrated without making it feel greasy or sticky. The lotion is required only in a small quantity. For instance, the top button has to be pressed once, gently and the quantity got therein, would be sufficient for catering to one of my hands, from the palms to the elbows. The consistency is just perfect; it is neither too thick nor too runny.


What I Liked About Jovees Hand and Body Lotion (Pros):

• It is suitable for all skin types. So, it has a universal appeal and everybody can try it out without having to consider individual skin types.
• The list of active ingredients is really tempting with all natural extracts and oils.
• It does not make the skin feel sweaty and oily. The lotion is absorbed into the skin nicely.
• The product is quite affordable at Rs. 240 for a bottle of 200 ml.
• The shelf-life is long stretched with a tenure of three years.
• It is needed in little amounts at the time of application.
• The bottle looks good with a predominant white base with shades of green here and there.
• There is a top-press button (similar to the ones one finds in face mist and spray toner bottles) that makes it easy for the user to get only the required amount of lotion. The top button has to be pressed to obtain the lotion as needed. This helps to do away with any kind of wastage.
• The top button is protected by a transparent cap; this makes the bottle travel friendly. The packaging makes it very convenient to carry and to use.
• The fragrance is very mild and pleasing to the senses.
• The lotion is easy to apply; one does not need to rub it vigorously.
• Although, the bottle seems to be opaque apparently, it is better to describe it as “translucent verging on being opaque.” Thus, how far the lotion has been used up can be understood without any problem.
• Lastly, it is a cost effective option as you get a unique combination of body lotion and hand lotion in the very same product.


What I Did Not Like About Jovees Hand and Body Lotion (Cons):

• The complete list of ingredients is absent. Only the list of active ingredients is mentioned.
• It is mild and if one has very dry skin, it may not be suitable for that person, especially during winters.

Will I Repurchase It?

Yes; of course I will!

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11 thoughts on “Jovees Honey and Grape Hand and Body Lotion Review

  1. I have used jovees foot cream once. It was a scrub cum foot cream. although it was nice in the begining and use dto work great for my feet but later it became a problem to get rid of the scrub particles form my hand. It was too tiring all the time. :methinks: Havent gone back to jovees after that. I’ll may be keep this in mind. 🙂

    1. this was my first buy in Jovees! i liked it a lot… :dance: the lotion is very good for everyday use the year round! but,,,winter months ke liye its mild!!
      however, i bought a kajal from Jovees and its was terrible!! it melts and smudges like hell 🙁

        1. i looked like a bhootni throughout the day without even realizing i was (i dnt carry morrors wen i go out 😛 )….and in kolkata, weather is very humid…so,….it was looking like dark circles after it smudged!! :chewnails

    1. hehe…the comment seems like as if this is the only impressive product u have hrd from the house of Jovees Nids 😛 😛 😛 LOL

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