Jovees Skin Toner Honey Review

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Jovees Skin Toner Honey Review

Price: INR 170
Product Description:
A well-formulated skin toner is enriched with pure honey along with other natural plant and fruit extracts that leave skin fresh, moisturized, smooth and even. It deep cleanses the skin, clearing dead surface cells, leaving skin bright and young.It also helps hydrate and balances you skin while minimizing surface oil build-up.

Active Ingredients:
Honey, Tulip Flower Ext, Wild Rose Flower Ext, Arum Lily Flower Ext, Winter Squash Fruit Ext, Satsuma Peel Ext, Quince Flower Ext.

My Experience with Jovees Skin Toner Honey:

It comes in a plastic bottle with a cap on it. Overall, the packaging is hygienic. The toner has a slightly yellowish colour to it. Since I have acne-prone and very oily skin type a toner I always have to carry a toner in my bag.

Jovees Skin Toner Honey Packaging

I recently tried The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner and it worsened my acne, so I stopped using it. I, then, gave Jovees Skin Toner Honey a try. Its list of all natural ingredients made me buy this toner. This toner didn’t trigger acne on my face and didn’t cause any breakouts. It helps me control oil on my skin a little and doesn’t dry out or stretch out my skin.

Jovees Skin Toner Honey Claims

The toner has a strong honey like fragrance but it doesn’t bother me much. The smell is not overpowering at all. I just spray it directly on my skin and it takes some time to seep into the skin, so I gently massage it. This might not be the best toner around but is good enough for people with acne prone skin.

Pros of Jovees Skin Toner Honey:

• Affordable
• Doesn’t trigger acne or breakout
All natural ingredients
• Freshens up the skin quite well
• Controls oil a little

Cons of Jovees Skin Toner Honey:

• Does nothing for the pores
• Fragrance might be overpowering for some

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Would I Recommend Jovees Skin Toner Honey?
Yes. This is an average toner and doesn’t cause breakouts.

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