Jovees Strawberry Face Wash Review

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Jovees Strawberry Face Wash Review

I’d been eyeing the ‘Jovees Strawberry Face Wash’ for a while so when I saw the Jovees counter at hypercity mall selling the face wash at “buy one get one free” offer, I had to get one two for myself !!

Packaging: It’s a convenient transparent tube. The pink colour of the face wash will surely make this sit pretty on your bathroom shelf . 🙂 One thing that I liked was the fact that the cap could be unscrewed. This helps to get the product back into the tube in case of accidents 😀 (haven’t faced any as of yet)

jovees strawberry face wash
Price: 115/- for 120ml which is reasonable but I got it at half the price so yay!

What it claims : An exclusive face wash for normal to dry skin that shall help to restore moisture balance & help to make skin visibly fairer and glowing.

Methods of use: Moisten face. Squeeze out a small amount of Jovees Strawberry Face Wash on your palm. Apply and gently massage the lather all over face in circular motion. Rinse well and pat dry. Use it twice daily for clean, soft and glowing complexion.

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Active Ingredients: Strawberry extract,Jojoba extract, Vitamin-E, Olivem

jovees strawberry face wash review

What I love about Jovees Strawberry Face Wash:

• The yummy smell. Yes, I’m obsessed with strawberries . 🙂
• It doesn’t leave my skin dry. I can skip moisturizer and not end up with dry patches on my cheeks!
• It totally removes my eye makeup. This pleasantly surprised me as the mild pink colour and the strawberry smell totally fooled me into believing that it’d be one of ‘those’ gentle face washes which cleanse your skin but fail to remove makeup totally.
• Pocket friendly price tag
• It is pink 😛

swatch strawberry face wash

Reasons not to like Jovees Strawberry Face Wash:

• This is not for only dry skin! My T-zone feels perfectly alright after using this so I guess people with oily skin can use this too. And I do prefer light moisturization after this, so the claim about restoring moisture balance is not true in my case!
• The microbeads are too gentle for any exfoliation so don’t expect much.
• Not sure about it making my skin glow! Come-on its just a face wash 🙂

Will I repurchase this: Yes, I will because it removes my makeup and smells great 🙂

Rating : 3.75 / 5

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26 thoughts on “Jovees Strawberry Face Wash Review

  1. Nice review Urmi.. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: It seems jooves copied the Lotus Berry Scrub Face wash.. :spank: :spank: :spank: for the colour and the beads.. but i think lotus would be a better bet than jooves

    1. I prefer lotus too but havent used their berry scrub. This is just a face wash… does not even provide mild scrubbing!

  2. hey good morning everyone!!!! :)) nice review urmi…. :yes: …..but i think this wont work for oilies like me…. :((

  3. nice review Urmi. As much as I am tempted, I want to finish my TBS one first. I am trying out a new skincare routine so ..

  4. Strawberry smell! I used to love the Lakme one before my skin got very oily..could give this a try in the winters maybe. I got the tea tree one from Jovees, smelled nothing like tea tree oil! Glad this one has the strawberry smell 😛

  5. Its looking really pretty, after bad experience with fruit blast strawberrry from lakme, i afraid using any strwberry products, nice tht u like it, jovees donot suit me at all

  6. I have used 2 tubes of it but nw sitched to lacto calmine. the reason for using this was strawberries n color :toothygrin:
    I hv combintional skin n even in summers, it leaves my checks dry n i had to apply moisturizer. This is not for only dry skin! So the claim about restoring moisture balance is not true in my case even!
    The microbeads are too gentle for any exfoliation so don’t expect at all.
    doesnt make my skin glow……. :stars:

  7. It gave me pimples! So not for ppl with acne prone skin. It also doesnt do anything gud 4 d face. But yes, it doesnt dry out the skin.

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