Jovees Thermoherb Face Lift Review

Jovees Thermoherb Face Lift Review

The name sounds interesting, right? Well, I too thought so.  This is my second product from Jovees, the first one being the facial kit, which was quite average.  Let’s find a bit about this product:


Product Description:

Thermoherb mask is based on an ancient thermal mask, which has been improved by modern techniques and perfected by the substitution of herbal extracts.  A complete treatment in itself, it deep cleanses pores, restores skin balances, nourishes the skin, and tightens the tissue.  Improves cell respiration and renewal.  A sophisticated technique in skin rejuvenation, with remarkable results, even on sensitive skin.  The thermoherb mask also contains extracts of rose, basil, and mint.  The heat generated by the mask increases the blood circulation.  As the mask cools down, it hardens, tightening the pores and tissues, sculpting the jaw line, improving muscle tone and elasticity and minimizing wrinkles.  It is a rejuvenating treatment, like an instant mini face lift, it is a total salon treatment.

Thermoherb 2

Method of Use:

Clean face with citrus cleansing milk.  Then, massage face with Wheat Germ Face Massage Cream.  After massaging for 12 minutes, then apply a quarter inch thick layer of Jovees Wheat Germ Face Massage Cream.  Place gauge covering on face with eyes cut out and room for nose to breathe.  Apply thermoherb (make a thick paste and quickly apply before it stars to harden) mask.  As the mask warms up, the pores will open and the cream will penetrate the skin.  It also has a deep cleansing effect.  It induces relaxation and soothes the nerves and the skin.  Leave on for 30 minutes.  Remove mask very gently and slowly.  Wipe off excess cream.  Wash face with plain water.  Apply a light moisturizer, preferably Jovees white water lily moisturiser.

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Rs. 155 for 250 gm.

Active Ingredients:

Multani mitti, Ashwagandha, Liquorice, Heena.

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My Take on Jovees Thermoherb Face Lift:

When I first got this huge tub of face pack, I didn’t know that underneath this one, a thick layer of Jovees Wheat Germ Massage Cream should be applied.  I kept it aside because the prescribed use of massage cream, gauze, etc., scared me a bit.  I thought I would use it only when I get the massage cream, but after thinking twice, I realized that massage cream would not suit me a bit because I have oily skin. So, I settled to the idea of using this pack on my hands without any massage cream underneath.  I mixed the strongly fragrant light pink powder with water to make a thick paste.

Thermoherb 4

I placed the thick paste on my hands and allowed it to dry.  The pack becomes dry and extremely powdery within 5 minutes.  There was no heat generated and neither did anything cool down.  After realizing that it was safe to be used on the face, I applied the paste on my face and when it became dry within a few minutes, I just wiped it off when I saw that the powder was flying all around.  All the claims made about this thermoherb is wrong, first of all, it does not generate heat, second it does not tighten, and it dries within a short period of time.  This thermoherb face lift works like some of those multani mitti packs from Banjara brand that leaves the skin very dry.  I had to follow up with a moisturizer.  Also, only the active ingredients are mentioned, which are around 4, the rest of it is missing.

Thermoherb 5

I don’t think you should pick this pack at all, it does not do anything except drying up the face, stay away from it.

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Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Jovees Thermoherb Face Lift:

  • Smells a bit good though the artificial scent added is a bit strong.

Cons of Jovees Thermoherb Face Lift:

  • Does not heat up as claimed.
  • Does not stand true on any of its claims.
  • Dries up the skin.
  • Jovees cleansing milk and wheatgerm cream as prescribed to be used along with this, but what about those who cannot use massage cream underneath.

Will I Repurchase Jovees Thermoherb Face Lift?

No, and I do not know how to finish up this existing tub.

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  1. Jomu i think u should give this -1.. U r kind enough 2 gve ths 1.. Hope my pucchis wl make u little happy..:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*

  2. oh gawd such high claims and very poor performance.. thanks jomol for this review :* :* Since u have oily skin, u can use it in the summers by mixing it in curd..

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