Joy Apple and Strawberry Scrub Review


I was looking for a body scrub and I didn’t want to invest too much of a money in that as I was not even sure if I will use it regularly. My current regime is such that I apply besan once on the weekend and it pretty much takes care of the needs. Lat month when I went for regular grocery shopping and came across this product and thought of giving it a try.


Product Claims:

Face scrub for oily to normal skin.Specially created to deep cleanse,remove dead skin cells and dirt,dust,blackheads and such resulting in making skin radiant,smooth and glowing always.
Enriched from fruit complex of strawberry and apple extracts to nourish and tighten skin pores revealing a younger looking skin.

Ideal for daily use and suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients: Aqua,cetyl alcohol,gyceryl monosterate,stearic acid,glycerine,mineral oil,sodium lauryl sulphate, triethanolamine,titanium dioxide,carbomer,methyl paraben,phenoxy ethanol,propyl paraben,disodium EDTA,Butyl hydroxyl toluene, apple and strawberry extract
Price – The price of 200 ml pack is Rs 195.It was on offer however and I got it for 99 Rs only.
How To apply : Apply a scoop of this yummy scrub to wet skin and gently massage in circular motion, focusing on rough skin areas. Rinse and clean thoroughly.


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My experience with Joy strawberry and apple scrub

I have used it 4-5 times till now but I just don’t know what to write. It does nothing. Its actually very very creamy with mild scrubbing properties. I don’t know why they have mentioned that it is for oily/normal skin.Its so creamy and kind of leaves a residue and hence I use body wash post scrubbing (and you shouldn’t be doing this) or else have to use loads and loads of water to get it off.Not at all for summers. As a scrub, its very mild and am better off using besan/any other walnut scrub.
Coming on to the good characteristics (whatsoever),it has an amazing smell. Though its artificial somehow I like its smell very much. It never caused  irritation so I guess its good for sensitive skin usage also.

Pros of Joy strawberry and apple scrub

• Quantity that you get for this price is huge.
• The smell is so artificial but somehow I like it very much.


Cons of Joy strawberry and apple scrub

• It is very mild and does nothing
• Extra creamy and I don’t know why they mentioned it is for normal/oily skin.
• Parabens and the loooooong list of chemicals.


IMBB Rating:

Sadly 1/5

Will I buy it again or recommend Joy strawberry and apple scrub?

Nope,It just does not work though dry skinned people can give it a try.

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7 thoughts on “Joy Apple and Strawberry Scrub Review

  1. It is such a sad thing that it didn’t work. *spank* I’ve used Joy aloe vera gel, body creams, lotions, and even their sunscreen. all are good seriously. *haan ji* suncreen I’ve used on body it is without any greasiness just like we want in summers. *haan ji* Never used on face but my mom used their fruit cream on ace and really likes it. *powder* If not for chemicals they are good.
    Sad their face wash and scrubs do not work *pan*

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