Joy Gentle Moisturizing Apricot Scrub Review

Joy Gentle Moisturizing Apricot Scrub

Hi Everybody,

Today I am going to review a scrub. It’s my very first product from the brand Joy. I had gone to buy my Himalaya walnut scrub, but it was not there in stock. So I bought the Joy Gentle Moisturizing Apricot Scrub. Read on to know more about this product.

Price: Rs 20 for 20 ml.

Product Claims: New skin fruits gentle moisturizing fruit scrub gently removes complexion- dulling impurities, leaving fresh healthy looking brighter skin. Helps skin retains its elasticity, clarity and suppleness. Regular skin exfoliation over time can increase the skin’s capability to absorb moisture, thereby reducing fine lines and diminishing acne.


Ingredients: Contains natural fruits AHAs( Nothing else mentioned)

Application instructions: Message gently with wet finger tips over moistened face, neck and body. Rinse well. Use regularly for soft, smooth, nourished and blemish- free skin.

My Experience with Joy Gentle Moisturizing Apricot Scrub:

You all know the importance of exfoliation. It removes dead skin cell, complexion dulling impurities and blackheads leaving the skin clear and healthy. It is very important to scrub your face twice a week. It prevents dead skin build up which might results in breakouts. Now moving on to the product.


The product comes in a bright orange color plastic tube with screw cap. The plastic is sturdy and hence it is travel friendly. The packaging is quite simple and looks same as their face packs and other products packaging. There is a small hole in the tube which dispenses the right amount of product when squeezed. Now coming to the consistency of the product, the scrub has a thick creamy kind of consistency like most of the scrubs have. It has a very mild fragrance something which I didn’t like, but it’s very mild so I think it would not bother sensitive nose. The scrub is peachy cream in color. I find the granules of the scrub a little harsh. It’s not gentle like the product says. It’s good for t zone area where I have the most blackheads but I think its way to abrasive for the entire face.

Since I am not having any kind of breakouts at the moment so I guess its okay to use this product. The scrub should be used on damp face. You need very small amount of product since it has lots of granules. It leaves the skin softer and smoother after scrubbing. But I would strictly avoid this during breakouts. The quantity of the product is sufficient to be used for 5-6 times. I have already used it 3 times and I can see there is still half of the product left in the tube. I feel it would suit all skin types.


Pros of Joy Gentle Moisturizing Apricot Scrub:

• Inexpensive.
• The joy products are easily available.
• Hygienic and sturdy travel friendly packaging.
• The scrub will suit all skin types.
• Skin feels softer and smoother after scrubbing.
• Didn’t break me out.


Cons of Joy Gentle Moisturizing Apricot Scrub:

• The granules are too harsh to be used on entire face especially when you have sensitive skin.
• Unpleasant fragrance.
• No ingredients list mentioned.

Will I recommend/repurchase the product? Neither I would repurchase it nor I would recommend it. There are far better options in the market.

Rating: 3/5

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