Joy Pure Rose Water Review

Joy Pure Rose Water

A big rainy hello to all IMMBIans!

How is everybody doing? Well for today I am going to review another very basic toner we guys include in our CTM regime, yes Gulab Jal it is!


INR 30

Joy Pure Rose Water

Last month has been horrid to me, yes horrid, the sudden changes my body is showing after my hormonal medication are very irritating. My skin used to be Normal, and now it has turned into an oil factory and I am going mad about it.

Well after my skin problems I have been regular at my CTM regime, Dabur gulab jal was my bestie all the while, and sometime back I finished it up, however I was eyeing Fab India’s gulab jal, but I saw Joy’s Pure Rose water and was kind of tempting enough to buy it. And somehow it turned out to be worst of my decision *headbang* So, well read on why this product has it not worth it.

Joy Pure Rose Water

Packaging– Transparent bottle with a flip open cap

Ingredients– (As printed on the bottle) Aqua, rose distillate, sodium benzoate

Directions to Use- Use as directed for various actions

My take on Joy Pure Rose Water:

Well I had been a regular user on Dabur gulabari since my skin changed its type 😛 well then toning and cleansing off my face with gulab jal was my habit. I have read about Fab India’s rose water toner and wanted to give it a shot when I spotted Joy’s Pure Rose water. I started using it before going to bed, it almost did the work of regular water with bit of a rosy smell. A few days backI was not able to get proper sleep and hence I thought of giving my eyes a cooling effect, so I soaked two cotton balls with rose water and put them on my eyes, well I felt nothing but was imagining using rose water will somehow do some good. At some point of time I happened to open my eyes and Lord save me, I felt like somebody squished red chili into my eyes, this so called rose water stung so badly in my eyes *waaa* *waaa* Gulab Jals are not meant to sting right? Please do tell me if I am wrong.

Joy Pure Rose Water ingredients

Pros of Joy Pure Rose Water:

Travel friendly bottle

Joy Pure Rose Wate cap

Cons of JOy Pure Rose Water:

Stings my eyes badly.
Does not work on any of the claims!

Will I suggest or repurchase JOy Pure rose water?

Hell no!

IMBB Rating


rose water

I wanted to ask all the readers, do we get foam while we shake the gulab jal bottle? I tried doing so with gulaba ri but observed a very thin film which soon disappears. Well this product gives a hell lot of foam, which does not disappear even after an hour!!!! Is this normal? I think it’s because of the chemical listed in the ingredient list- sodium benzoate.

Please do drop your comments!

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8 thoughts on “Joy Pure Rose Water Review

  1. If I am not wrong , then gulaab-jal is nothing but pure water mixed with rose essence( essence extracted from rose flower ) , in that case it should not foam and even if it does(due to vigorous shaking ) the foam should settle in couple of minutes .

  2. what a dudd!!! You know try the fabindia rose water . It’s pretty amazing. Why would they put sodium benzoate in rose water? *hunterwali*

  3. I have been using dabur gulabari all my life. This one goes straight into my ” DO NOT BUY” list..Thanks to your review Gulnaaz 🙂 🙂

  4. gulab jal does stings in eyes even if it’s pure but it cleanses impurities which get out of eyes in the form of tears. par so many chemicals in rose water makes them unsuitable for eyes. try using one which is specific to eye area if you can find otherwise never use these chemical substituted ones even gulabri near eyes *nonono* *nonono* *nonono* *nonono*

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