Joy Skin Fruits Rejuvenating Face Wash Review

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Joy Skin Fruits Rejuvenating Face Wash

Hello Ladies, today I shall introduce you to a face wash from the Joy Skin Fruits range. This one is called Rejuvenating Face Wash for Wrinkle Control. I have been reading lot of reviews about Joy products off late after seeing Anushka’s Ad on television. Recently I bought Joy products online, so thought of picking this up as it looked interesting. My skin type is Combination, so lets see how this one faired on me.


Product Description: Skin Fruits Rejuvenating Face Wash cleans and boosts the health of the skin. Its active fruit bubbles revitalizes, renews and firms dull facial skin to reveal fresh, radiant and younger looking complexion. It contains Kiwi which is a rich source of Vitamin A, E and Omega 3. Vitamin A is often called the youth vitamin as it is crucial in regenerating the skin cells, retaining skin elasticity.

Ingredients Used: Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Glycerin, Cocamidoropylbetaine, Alkyl PolyGlucoside, Cocomide DEA, Glycol Disterate, Kiwi Fruit Extract, Lactic Acid, Sodioum Lactate,Perfume,Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Methylchloroisothiazolinone & Methylisothiazlinone, Disodium EDTA.

Price: 45 INR

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Quantity: 50 ml + 15ml free in this pack

Shelf Life: 24 months.


My Experience with Joy Skin Fruits Rejuvenating Face Wash:

This one comes in a transparent green plastic tube, has a white flip open cap like most of the face washes around. The product is light green transparent gel like. It is totally clear, free from any granules or scrubbing element. The fragrance is beautiful, but I couldn’t get any hint of kiwi in it, the fragrance is floral and perfume like, not fruity at all. Here comes a minus with plus. Smells good but should have smelt different claiming the Kiwi content. On applying the face wash in wet face, I felt a sticky gel spread on my face. It was unusual from the other face washes I have been using so far (Clean & Clear, Avon Carbon Cleanser, and L’Oreal Pure hydrating something I forgot). It lathers less, it takes more time to clean your face properly as the sticky gel is messy at times *oh no*. But the skin appears much cleaner after using it. I don’t see any improvement on rejuvenation part; I can guess this entire range seems like a marketing gimmick to trap us in the Herbal mantra.

This caused no itching to my skin. Skin remained oil free for about 2 hours, but that is not what it claims to keep it oil free.


Pros of Joy Skin Fruits Rejuvenating Face Wash:

• Smells pleasant.
• Affordable price bracket.
• The ingredient list is an eye opener, thanks for mentioning it on the tube.
• Free quantity on this tube (50 ml + 15 ml)
• Skin appears cleaner, so does the job of a simple face wash.

Cons of Joy Skin Fruits Rejuvenating Face Wash:

• Claiming to be herbal, but full of chemicals, biggest flaw.
• Difficult to rinse of the sticky gel from the face.
• I didn’t notice any rejuvenation on my face, on using it over a month.
• Fragrance seems artificial and perfume like.

Do I Recommend Joy Skin Fruits Rejuvenating Face Wash?

No, if you expect it to be rich in Kiwi and do some rejuvenation magic, its not for you.

Will I Repurchase Joy Skin Fruits Rejuvenating Face Wash?

No, doesn’t live up to the claims. I will stick to my favorite Avon Carbon Cleanser.

IMBB Rating: 2/5

See you all soon. Take care

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3 thoughts on “Joy Skin Fruits Rejuvenating Face Wash Review

  1. I see a lot of comments/reviews lately about the ‘chemicals’, even herbal cosmetics and skin care have chemicals, they list only the herbal content, which can be anywhere between 2 to 25%, what is the rest made up of? And not all chemicals are bad, many of the ones listed here are quite standard for a cleanser, most are surfactants which do the cleansing for you.
    I used to be a big Ayurveda fan, till I realized that most of those products do not list all the product ingredients and the herbal percentage was usually 10% of the total product. I just would like to know all the ingredients, chemicals included, because they may be completely safe but I would like to know.

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