Joy Sunblock Sunscreen Cream Review

Joy Sunblock Sunscreen Cream Review

After those chilling winters of this season we all are desperate for some warm sunny days…aren’t we? Specially in my town where we didn’t got the darshans of Surya Devta for almost a week during the last week of January. So girls Iam literally dying to sit in warm sunshine to get that priceless warmth and comfort of gentle rays of Sun and not to forget to get my quota of Vitamin D. But as we all know sunr ays causes more harm to our skin than the good. To combat these harmful effects sunscreen is one product that most of the women across the globe are using daily to stay protected. I am also no exception, I have used lot of sunscreen ranging from Lotus to Lakme , from Neutrogena to VLCC and from Ayur to Lacto-Calamine till date. As you can make out here, I love trying new brands for my Sunscreen- so when I saw the captioned product in newly opened outlet of Joy in my regular grocery shop I was left with no other options but to purchase it. I am using it since last one week and I feel, it is just the right time to review it. So read on girls to know my experience with this product.


Product Description:

  • Contains Aloe (natural sunscreen) and Milk Natural extracts
  • Oil free, fast absorbing, multi care daily sunscreen cream
  • Formulated with carefully selected sunscreen agents, vitamins and natural nutrients
  • Protects skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays
  • Prevents pre-mature ageing and darkening

Available Size and at what price?

20 Ml for Rs.35/- & 50 Ml.for Rs. 70/-

Joy Sunblock Sun Screen Cream ingredients


Apply evenly and liberally to face, neck and all exposed parts of the skin 30 minutes before exposure to the sun. Reapply as and when required.

Shelf Life:

24 months.


The packaging is basic and simple- nothing new, nothing unique. The product is housed in bright yellow coloured opaque tube secured with screw open navy blue plastic cap.

Consistency and colour:

This sunscreen is in white cream form that didn’t feel greasy or heavy.


Thankfully this sunscreen doesn’t have that strong or artificial fragrance. It has a mild and pleasant smell, which disappears within half an hour of application.

My take on the product:

The good thing about this sunscreen is that it doesn’t feel heavy or oily on my combination skin. Texture wise it is like Neutrogena Dry touch Sunblock, although not that easy to work with. I mean that it doesn’t get absorbed easily by the skin and one has to sort of rub it so that it simply doesn’t sit into the skin rather get absorbed by it. After application, it leaves a slight whitish cast which is not majorly noticeable and it sets into a kind of dewy finish. Now a days I top it with my Revlon Compact and I am good to go.

Joy Sunblock Sun Screen Cream swatch


However, I feel that may be in summers it will give that oily feel owing to its not so easily absorbing nature-but so far it is good. It contains SPF value only of 15 which I feel is not sufficient looking at the intensity of UVA/B sun rays in our Country. One more concern is regarding frequency of re-application. After say 2-2.5 hours of applying I feel the urge to re-apply it as I really feel that the product is not there on my skin after this much time- either it get wiped off or it simply disappears from the top of my skin. At one instance I applied it before going to my swimming classes, but as soon as I enter the water I felt my sunscreen has come-out on coming in contact with water. To cut long story short you should not rely on this sunscreen if you don’t get the time or chance to re-apply it, also you should stay away from it if there are reasons where you are likely to sweat more- like in your Gym or Morning walk and necessary to mention that it is not at all a swimming pool apt sunscreen. 🙂

Joy Sunblock Sun Screen Cream review

Yays about Joy Sunblock Sun Screen Cream:

1. Economical.
2. Easily available at drugstore shops.
3. Mild smell.
4. Never feel heavy or greasy.
5. Travel friendly packaging.

Nays about Joy Sunblock Sun Screen Cream:

1. Didn’t get absorbed easily by the skin.
2. Contain SPF only to the extent of
3. Wiped away easily and washes away very easily with water.
4. Needs frequent reapplication.

Rating: 3/5

Shall I repurchase it?

Although it is available at dirt cheap price and many will argue that we should not expect much from this product looking at the low price factor, yet I believe that Sunscreen is one product where one should not compromise with Quality for money at any cost. So I will not repurchase it for sure.

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  1. Nice review shazia!!! I’m a girl who became obsessed with sunscreens after reading an article in imbb only about harmful effects of sun exposure…. rofl rofl rofl

  2. I have never tried Joy sunscreens although they are quite affordable but the low SPF makes me not to pick them as I’m a die hard believer of high SPF in sunscreens.

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