Juicy Couture Body Sorbet Review


I am trying out different brands here out in the US, especially ones which are not found easily in India. Today’s review will be about Juicy Couture Body Sorbet. Let’s see it fared for me.

Juicy Couture Body Sorbet Review

Around $20 for 4.2 oz
Product Description:
Juicy Couture Body Sorbet is a distinctive mixture of delectable fruits and other natural and woodsy aromas that round it out perfectly. The scent’s top notes include green leaves, mandarin orange, marigold flowers, pink passion fruit, water hyacinth, and watermelon. Expect these scents to last about 10 minutes after application. Live for sorbet! A Juicy gal’s favorite guilt-free treat infuses this decadent body moisturizer.Cocoa extract tones, while Vitamin C and electrolytes revive skin.

Juicy Couture Body Sorbet tube

My Experience with Juicy Couture Body Sorbet:

Packaging:  The tube packaging is both attractive and travel friendly. The tube is of a light pink color with black stripes combination with a screw-on cap. Product details are written on the tube.

Juicy Couture Body Sorbet packaging

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Let’s talk about the scent first. As you must be aware, Juicy Couture is a leading perfume brand, with some really good fragrances in their range. The fragrance of this body sorbet is marketed as the USP. Yes, it beautiful, but perhaps a little too strong. I personally don’t like extreme fragrances in my personal care items. This one definitely has a lovely fruity-floral fragrance, but then, it’s a personal choice. The scent stays for around 15-20 minutes before it mellows down and gives way to subtler notes, which I find relaxing.

Juicy Couture Body Sorbet cap

The body sorbet is a lightweight lotion, but hydrating enough for summers. It doesn’t feel greasy, heavy or sticky at any point. It gets absorbed in 2 minutes, giving a smooth and nourished look to my skin. I don’t feel it is a repairing or deep moisturizing lotion. As a body sorbet, it’s perfect. Lightweight and gives just the right dose of moisture to skin, making it supple.

Juicy Couture Body Sorbet swatch

It keeps away dryness for 6-7 hours, even when I spend 80% of the time in air conditioned room. If you have chapped or parched skin, I won’t give you the green signal to buy it. As for others, if you want a light, non-sticky moisturizing sorbet with a nice smell, try this.

Pros of Juicy Couture Body Sorbet:

  • Cute, girly packaging.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Fruity-floral fragrance.
  • Lightweight and non-sticky.
  • Makes skin smooth and supple.
  • Effects last for a decent amount of time, even in an AC environment.

Cons of Juicy Couture Body Sorbet:

  • Scent is a little too strong for me/sensitive noses.
  • Not meant to repair dry and chapped skin.

Would I Repurchase Juicy Couture Body Sorbet?
I like using this, but I am not sure if I will be repurchasing this.
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