Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Serum and Purely Age Defying Firming Eye Cream Review, Swatch

jurlique eye serum

Eye Cream : A high performance antioxidant eye cream featuring powerful botanicals and plant oils to help improve skin firmness, moisture, lines and radiance.
Price : USD 55
jurlique eye serum review
Ingredients :
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Serum : A potent antioxidant eye treatment that helps reduce the signs of fatigue, minimise the appearance of fine lines and dehydration.
Price : USD 60
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Ingredients :
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My Experience with Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Serum and Firming Eye Cream
My major skin care has been from Jurlique from past few months and my skin has only looked better. I have been using both serum and eye cream from the brand simultaneously. So it was only right that I reviewed them together i have never been much of an eye serum user but since this was available in the brand, i thought I’d give it a try. Plus a serum is more potent than moisturiser. So when we use serum for our face, why not use it for eyes as well.
Both the serum and the eyecream come packed in these tiny pump bottles. They have a clear cap on the top but the cap does not cover the nozzle of the bottle. I so wish it would because the air dries out the left over product in the nozzle.. šŸ˜ These are glass bottles but not very heavy ones so you can easily carry them along with you. Also I feel the bottle and pump keep the product hygienic all the time.
Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum : It is a very potent eye serum. Plus I had not used much eye serum before so I introduced it slowly in my skincare regime. started using it every other day first then daily and now I use it both day and night. My biggest concern was the small bumps that you get around the eyes sometimes when you use a very rich eye care product. Well, this did not cause any of that so that’s brilliant. The ingredients list is really good. It’s water based. The second ingredient propanediol is skin friendly and petroleum free glycol used in skincare. Glycerin is humectant. There is a whole bunch of natural oils and extracts… I mean it is as good as it can get. If you find time, you could a an individual research on each product and you’d only find the ingredients that are good for skin. It is a pale yellow coloured thin serum. It little watery and gel like. You barely need half a pump of it for both eyes. It gets absorbed in the skin withikn seconds and leaves skin feeling and looking plump. This serum especially has handled the puffiness of my under eyes very well. It also makes for a great base for your eye cream and concealer to go on easily. It’s feels very light on the delicate under eye skin and it has never irritated my eyes ever.

Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Eye Cream
: It is a thin white under eye cream. It feels very light on the under eyes and gets absorbed easily. It leaves under eye area soft and moisturised. And I don’t feel the need to reapply this cream once I have used it during the day.It really leaves the under eye skin soft and smooth. It makes a fabulous base for your concealer to go on smoothly. It does not leaves any oily residue behind. When you apply both serum and cream together they do take a minute or soft to get fully absorbed but on their own they get absorbed within a few seconds. The ingredients list for this cream also is extremely good and as natural as it can get. So you can be sure that you are putting good stuff on your delicate eye area.

Now coming to the performance. I don’t have major dark circles. But I have under eyes. I also have a tendency to get puffy eyes. Also, since I work long hours on laptop, my eyes go through a lot of strain. My under eyes also always lack moisture. These two products combined have been so ridiculously good, I have no words. I have been using both the products for more than two months now and I my under eye area looks so such better and brighter. Also when IĀ started using, I had teeny thin fine lines near inner corner of my eyes that were developing, that have totally gone now. The under eye area generally looks so hydrated and rested now. Even the light shadows I had underneath my eyes look lighter. However I would not like to vouch this cream for a cure of dark circles. Because there could be a lot of reasons why you have dark circles. The under eye creams only help you maintain the texture of your skin and if they work, they can totally make a lot of difference in the overall appearance of your skin. I have seen the results from a few months of regular usage. Don’t expect miracles out of your skincare within a few usages only. Keep at it atleast for 3-4 weeks so that you know if the product is actually working on you or not. A little bit for both serum and eye cream goes a long way so these tiny bottles would last you a while if price bothers you. I’d totally call these as worth a pick. I’d recommend this cream to anyone who suffers from dry under eyes or is looking for an eye cream and a preventive measure. If you have verrry dry under eyes I’d suggest a Bobbi brown eye cream over this. But I found it really good for my under eyes and I couldn’t be happier.

Availability is such an issue but if I could I would totally shift my skincare to Jurlique. I have been so happy with most products from the brand.
Rating : 4/5

jurlique firming eye cream review

Swatches : Top – serum, bottom – eye cream
jurlique herbal recovery eye serum swatch

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