Juvia’s Place The Masquerade Palette Review

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Today, I am excited to share with you a review on a product I was “oh so excited” the moment I laid my eyes on it. Not to mention all the beauty gurus hyping it only added fuel to the fire. If there could be a palette that could describe me in the essence, it would be this! I am sure you must all be curious as to what is this fabulous item. Let me tease you no further. Read on to know more about this Juvia’s Place Masquerade Palette.


Product Description:
A smaller version of the masquerade palette. Travel friendly and compatible. Perfect for the everyday make up lover.
$30 for the mini version and $40 for the full size. Both contain the same eyeshadow shades but the size varies. I opted for the mini version because with my collection of eyeshadows, I rarely hit pan on anything.


My Experience with Juvia’s Place The Masquerade Palette:

Packaging:  I love the whole concept of art work that goes into these Juvia’s place eye palettes. Each palette is said to reflect a particular tribe of people/an era. This masquerade palette was inspired by African Festivities filled with enormous joy and spiritual activities. The bold colors represent costumes used in festivals. The n*de and browns represent the African soil and environments – it’s the perfect balance of bold and neutral shades.


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The packaging is a sturdy cardboard case which shuts via magnet. There is no mirror provided but I don’t mind which in turn makes this palette lightweight and easy to travel with. The art work on the front is stunning depiction of a gorgeous tribal African woman.

Texture:  I am highly impressed by the performance of these shadows. Every single shade in this palette is an absolute hit! All the shadows are firmly packed in the pan hence they do not generate tons of flyaways when you dip your brush in, but they still feel extremely soft and smooth to the touch. Even the shades which have shimmer/glitter do not feel gritty.

Pigmentation and Blending ability: All of the shadows in this palette are quite easy to work with. These shadows have mind-blowing pigmentation which was how they were designed to be – to help them show up on women of color. While some shades do work best packed on with your fingertips, all of them pack a punch. I had absolutely no issues in blending and diffusing the shadows.

Shades:  I adore the shade selection in this palette. It has an array of colors for you to experiment with, but also great everyday neutrals to play with on the regular. Pick one family or mix and match – the makeup world is your oyster with this one palette. I do like how they have printed names of each of the shade on the palette (and not on some flimsy plastic sleeve), which makes following internet tutorials easy.

Let’s break down each shade now:

Chi: A royal blue with a metallic finish.
Mali: A deep sea green with a metallic finish.
Dalia: A light sky blue with a metallic finish.
Zola: A light aquamarine blue with a frosty finish.


Makeda: A deep royal purple with a metallic finish.
Zobo: A deep magenta purple with a matte finish.
Calabar: A deep burgundy maroon with a shimmery finish.
Bori: A matte hot pink with specks of gold glitter.

Giza: A gorgeous champagne silver with a metallic finish
Burkina: A warm brown. While this shade looks very similar to “Zulu” underneath it, I feel “Burkina” has a bit more red to it.
Cairo: A warm matte reddish orange with golden micro glitter
Ada: A matte earthy reddish brown. The red tone in this shade is very prominent.


Dahlia: A warm golden brown with a metallic finish.
Zulu: A matte milk chocolate brown. Quite similar to “Burkina” but with less red tone to it.
Casablanca: A highlight metallic copper bronze. This particular shade performs to its full potential packed with fingertips.
Fulani: A deep dark chocolate brown.





Staying Power:  These shadows (over primer) wore more 9 hours on me with no creasing or fading.



Overall, I am absolutely in love with this palette as you may be able to judge from the EOTDs, all of which are created using only this palette and also love the fact that this palette delivers superb quality without breaking the bank. I highly recommend this palette to everyone.


Pros of Juvia’s Place The Masquerade Palette:

  • Sturdy packaging with beautiful artwork.
  • Both colorful and neutrals, all in one.
  • Delivers superb pigmentation.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Amazing staying power.
  • Affordable.

Cons of Juvia’s Place The Masquerade Palette:

  • Some colors might stain the skin temporarily.

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