K-Palette Lasting Eyeliner in shade 01 Review

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K-Palette is a very well known Japanese makeup brand that’s very popular.  I wrongly assumed they are Korean at first because of the word “K” in their name. Anyway, almost all of the K-Palette products have a tag that says 1-Day Tattoo and hence, have amazing staying power. Note that this one does not have that tag. Their products are generally budge-proof and are found in almost every drugstore in Japan. Is this one worth the money? Let’s find out.

K-Palette Lasting Eyeliner in shade 01

This review is on the eye pencil from K-Palette. It is very, very affordable. Having said that, it is just like any other pencil that I’ve used honestly. The best comparison I have for this is the Colossal Kajal by Maybelline. The K-Pallete pencil is better than the Maybelline one in a few aspects. It applies like a dream, is very creamy and doesn’t stretch across the skin. I used a Shiseido Integrate Gracy eye pencil before this one and was disappointed to say the least.

This one met my expectations and stays on so much better. The product itself comes with a sponge tip end, which you can use to smudge and smoke out the eyeliner. This is great because it minimizes that one step of having to use another brush, which will not work as well as the sponge tip.

K-Palette Lasting Eyeliner

This pencil when used as a liner for above your upper lash line is absolutely excellent. It gets into the nooks and crannies easily and stays put. Personally, I would not go over it with a shadow to set it, since it does stay on pretty well. When smoked out, it looks very pretty and again, helps its staying power.

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K-Palette Lasting Eyeliner

Staying power of any pencil generally is not great, especially if your waterline is constantly watery like me. One general tip I have if you are using the pencil in the lower waterline is to use a clean cotton bud and wipe out the liquid from there, and this will help the liner to last much longer. I usually only tightline with this and do not apply it on my lower waterline. Since I am a contact lens wearer, I have to be very gentle while doing this. You can also go over it with a black or dark brown eyeshadow to keep it from budging if you wish.

K-Palette Lasting Eyeliner

But if you want your liner to stay absolutely put and not budge at all and want to be worry-free about touching up, then I would suggest to dip the pencil into a gel liner and then tightline or go over the waterline. It also takes a little effort to get it out with a makeup remover at the end of the day, but high points for awesome staying power!


¥500 (here in Japan).

Pros of K-Palette Lasting Eyeliner in shade 01:

  • Amazing staying power.
  • Budge-proof.
  • Sets very quickly.
  • Creamy application.
  • Sponge tip to smudge/smoke out the liner.
  • Very affordable.

Cons of K-Palette Lasting Eyeliner in shade 01:

  • Slightly difficult to remove at the end of the day.
  • Have to work quickly since it becomes budge-proof after it sets.
  • Does not work well for waterline (no pencil usually does for me, anyway).

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase K-Palette Lasting Eyeliner in shade 01?

Yes definitely.

I would say this pencil is not a must-have and is just OK for me, but it is good value for money because it comes with a sponge tip. But you should definitely, definitely check out other products from this brand. They are absolutely phenomenal.

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