The Kaftan Trend

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The Kaftan Trend

Hi Ladies,

Hope you are fine. Today, I have come up with a very interesting article on Kaftans. You must have worn them as maxis (the night gowns) or as tops. But they have more functional option at leisure or for a party and even at office. So let us have a look into how we can style up a Kaftans. For those who yet could not figure out what a Kaftans really looks like, here is picture for you.


It can be in various hues, textures, prints, floral, fabric, such as silk chiffon, silk crepe and Lycra, Satin or jersey can look really good on Indian women, etc. On a holiday, these can be the best substitute to a cool summer dress. Its flowing silhouette will give you a dreamy touch. When autumn is already at its peak, the Kaftans provide the most comfortable feeling to our body. The Kaftans can be glamorous at the same time very comfortable.


The best feature of a Kaftan is that it suits all body shapes and sizes. For those who are little over- weight, Kaftans are the best options to hide those extra pounds. A long Kaftan is perfect for a holiday when you want to go out for a walk with your friends or the special one, a short one suits best for a beach wear, a tunic Kaftan can be best paired up with tights or jeans for a formal outing or even for a casual meeting.

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The Kaftans are really making it large in the international platform. Kim Kardashian is seen here given its full justice to a Kaftan. It is perfect for a sunny day out venture. It keeps one cool and free-flowing.


Kaftans can also be a unique outfit for parties, marriage functions or other social events. When most ladies are busy with their drapes and long flowing gowns, you can proudly flaunt the Kaftans that will make you stand unique out of the crowd.


Why go so far, when there is perfect example of a Diva flaunting her beauty in a long Kaftan Dress. There was a lot of buzz about her gaining weight and here she has the perfect answer for the gossip mongers. I am talking about Aishwarya Rai. She was spotted wearing a long Kaftan dress in 2012 Canne Film Fare Festival. See her in a kaftan, here


It can also be worn as a Churidar Kameez. You just need to check for the length. Team it up with a pair of leggings or a pair of matching churidar. Have a look here. Just make a few adjustments to grab the spotlight on you.


If you want a high-end classy and sophisticated look then you need to select the fabric of your Kaftan very carefully. Go for Satins or lycra. Blend it with some chunky accessories. If you want ,you can just pair it up with a solitaire and here you are ready to rock the world.


Here are certain points to keep in mind while wearing a Kaftan:

1. Avoid wearing a long Kaftan when you are going for shopping. You will be in total mess.
2. Keep the accessorizing minimal because Kaftans will add a lot of drama to your body.
3. Avoid wearing Kaftans if it is raining cats and dogs.
4. Kaftans as tops and Kurtas look great on Indian women.


So here is all the information I have about styling a kaftan. Just add anything more if you have in mind. Thanks for reading my article.
Take care and Keep Smiling Always

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  1. Hey…nice write-up Ishani! 🙂 I love kaftans…I love the concept of kaftans…u are right…they look glamarous and comfortable at the same time …and can be worn by anyone…

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